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blog How Do You Make Coffee?

How Do You Make Coffee?

Kolby Seemann

about 2 months ago

Making coffee is an art and a science. Whether you're a seasoned barista or a coffee enthusiast at home, understanding how to make the perfect cup will enhance your daily routine! With BUBS Brew, let's explore the nuances of brewing coffee that can make each cup an exceptional experience.

The Basics of Coffee Making

  • Selecting Your Coffee: The journey to a great cup of coffee begins with selecting high-quality beans. BUBS Brew offers a range of options, from the robust Challenger Brew to the aromatic Wanted Brew.

  • Grinding the Beans: The grind size plays a crucial role in brewing. A coarse grind works well for French Press, while a fine grind is ideal for espresso. Freshly ground coffee from BUBS Brew ensures the best flavor.

  • Choosing the Right Water: The quality of water can significantly affect the taste of your coffee. Use filtered or spring water for the best results.

Choosing your Roast

  • The Origin Blend: A blend of beans from Central America, The Origin Brew, tells the story of its region with every sip. Its sweet honey, cherry, walnut, and floral notes are a testament to the unique growing conditions of the region. The Origin Blend is a tribute to Glen “BUB” Doherty’s surf trip to Central America where he met a few off-duty Navy Seals. This is the moment that planted the seed for Glen’s journey to serve his country.

  • The Challenger Single Origin: A quintessential example from Mexico's Chiapas region, The Challenger Brew highlights what specialty coffee is all about – distinct flavors like red cherry, citrus, and dark chocolate, combined with ethical sourcing and purity. The Challenger Single Origin is a tribute to his most challenging deployment in Mexico, where telling the bad guys from the good guys kept his head on a swivel. 

  • The Wanted Single Origin: From the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, The Wanted Brew offers a vibrant palette of citrus, apricot, and green apple. It's not just a coffee; it's a journey through Africa's rich coffee culture, all while adhering to the highest standards of health and fairness. The Wanted Single Origin plays homage to when BUB went “Hollywood” for a short stint after getting out of the Navy. Hunting terrorists in Africa highlighted his run on a short-lived TV show by the same name. The Wanted is a tribute to that region where some of the best coffee is grown. Africa is rich in complex specialty coffee, and this BUBS Brew brings that to your doorstep.

Brewing Techniques

  • French Press: For a rich and full-bodied coffee, the French Press is a superb choice. Add your coarsely ground BUBS Brew, pour hot water, steep for four minutes, and plunge.

  • Pour-Over: This method highlights the intricate flavors of coffee. Place a filter in your pour-over cone, add medium-fine ground BUBS Brew, and pour hot water in a circular motion for an even extraction.

  • Espresso: For those who love a strong, concentrated coffee, an espresso machine is ideal. Many different espresso-based drinks are great coffee options, which are often blended with milk. Be sure to use finely ground BUBS Brew for a rich and creamy espresso.

Pro Tips for the Perfect Cup

  • Water Temperature: Ideal brewing temperatures range from 195°F to 205°F. Overheating the water can extract bitter flavors.

  • Coffee-to-Water Ratio: A general guideline is to use 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water, but feel free to adjust to your taste.

  • Freshness: Freshly roasted coffee, like BUBS Brew with a 60-day roasting cycle, offers the best flavor. Store your beans in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness.

Making coffee is a delightful process that starts with selecting quality beans like BUBS Brew and ends with a method that suits your taste preference. Whether through a French press, pour-over, or espresso, each brewing method can highlight different aspects of your coffee and elevate your morning ritual.