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Electric Frother

Mix Wand

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GENIUS DESIGN:  Well, we certainly think so.  The smooth design fits easily into your hand and the on / off switch is right there ready to work for you.  It turns on and off with no need to keep your finger on the action.  Now that’s genius! 
EASY TO USE:  With just the flick of your finger you can fire up your BUBS Mix Wand and dip it into your MCT and Collagen beverage of choice (hot or cold). Plunge your BUBS wand up and down (you get the picture) until you’ve mixed and frothed your way to creamy delight.  
CLEANS EASY:  Food grade stainless steel makes your BUBS mix wand easy to clean under fresh running water.  That means more time to enjoy that beverage!
BATTERY OPERATED:  This mix wand is powered by 2 AA batteries.  Make your BUBS MCT and Collagen coffee with ease wherever your travels take you.  BUBS fits perfectly into your daily routine.  


Gluten Free


Soy Free


Nut Free


Dairy Free


GMO Free


Corn Free

Simplicity, meet self-improvement.

Simplicity, meet self-improvement.

2 Scoops a day 20 Grams of Protein 7 Essential Amino Acids 1 Single ingredient

Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the human body, making up over a third of the body’s protein content. While humans are perfectly capable of producing endogenous collagen, age and diet can slow the body’s ability to synthesize this vital protein. Exogenous supplementation with BUBS’ Collagen promotes health, vitality and improves recovery and healing from the inside out.

How to use our product

How to use our product


Pick your favorite liquid

Smoothies, coffee, tea, hot or cool water, orange juice… you get the picture


Mix it in

Mix 2 scoops or packets (20g) of collagen with a blender, our mixwand, or a spoon



You’re ready for prime time.

Our collagen is truly unflavored, exceedingly soluble and bio available. BUBS is easy to blend into hot or cool beverages, to cook with, and to compliment your active lifestyle.


Don’t just take our word for it. BUBS is certified by NSF Sport – the official third-party certification program for the US Anti-Doping Agency and Major League Sports.


BUBS amino acid profile features over 17 health-restoring aminos, including all 9 essential amino acids, like lysine & valine, that the body needs to survive!


Our happy cows are raised on farms in Uruguay and Southern Brazil – thousands of miles away from The Amazon Rainforest. This helps us make the smallest environmental footprint possible.


While other brands blend their protein from numerous sources, BUBS Collagen Protein all comes from the same place. This means our quality is consistent! You don’t have to worry about our formula switching up – EVER.


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FAQ About BUBS Collagen

The word bioavailability refers to the part of the substance that is actually able to enter your bloodstream, and put to good use, once introduced to the body. In other words, it refers to how much of a supplement is actually being absorbed by the body, rather than just passing through and being eliminated. When we say that BUBS Collagen Peptides are “immediately bioavailable” we mean that they are highly digestible, and are easily absorbed by your body, and ready to be put to good use.