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blog The Way of a Warrior with Wes Piatt

The Way of a Warrior with Wes Piatt

Sean Lake

over 1 year ago

We can all recall a time when we found a new hobby that just took a new hold on us in such a deeper way. Sometimes these things come into our lives in unexpected ways. And perhaps sometimes these things don’t just stick around for a short while. However, there are times these things take hold of us so firmly they become a part of who we are. For many people, CrossFit has been a source of community, personal growth, and genuine improvement in quality of life. For Wes Piatt, CrossFit became his life. His love for fitness and health, but especially the unique and communal sport that is CrossFit.

The Life of Piatt

Born and raised in California, Wes was actively involved in sports, with such activities as surfing, snowboarding, and hiking active parts of his life. He even played in a band through high school. He had no shortage of hobbies and activities he was involved in. Through high school, though he played such sports as baseball, Wes was not at all interested in the gym. He never grew curious about it nor felt that the body-building and strength training he was exposed to would be something of interest to him. He even chose to ditch working out during different sports seasons. It was not until his time in the Air Force that he discovered CrossFit, and his interest in this new activity took hold of him in a profound way. He quickly found himself immersed in CrossFit lifts and workouts, and the overall sport itself.

The Crossfit Enthusiast

In 2009, Wes got his level-1 certificate, which in the world of CrossFit, is a sort of gateway into becoming a CrossFit Instructor. Since that first certification, he’s gone on to become a part of the seminar staff for CrossFit Inc, what they call “Red Shirts,” which he has done since 2013. Part of Wes’s dedication and love for CrossFit is actually rooted in his love for sports. While going to the gym never appealed to him, CrossFit in many ways differs in that it feels very much like a sport to him. In CrossFit, you have the community and intensity that sports often come with. For Wes this is important. CrossFit offers something new constantly, and the progression is really rooted in the determined willpower of an individual. Wes explains that “back in the day it was about mental toughness” and it really “came down to somebody willing to suffer more than the person next to them.” For Wes, who loves the hard long intense exercises and workouts, he finds much of Crossfit rewarding. He feels in many ways CrossFit even crosses over to his understanding of parenting. He explains how when you “reach a new [personal record] when something really cool happens like your baby saying I love you” you are reminded why you are working through all the hardship and difficulty to begin with. His life has shaped him into someone who keeps pushing forward because he knows what he is working for, and loves it.

Recognition to His Life

Piatt has taken the time to reflect and ponder on his life and all he has accomplished. Though he recognizes himself as a hard worker, he knows he would not be where he is today were it not for those he loved dearly, especially his sister. He has chosen to express his gratitude for his sister, but also recognize his own life through art. Wes has a sleeve of tattoos. Down by his wrist, you’ll find a warrior - meant to represent him in all the admirable qualities of what a warrior is meant to be. On the shield of the warrior is a buffalo, depicting an ever-present symbol to him and his fitness community, feeling it embodies really his approach to CrossFit, in that he puts his head down and pushes through the grind. Poseidon and a ship wheel honor his dad who had previously owned a surf shop before passing away when Wes was still a child. Zues’s presence among the tattoos is in recognition of his time in the Air Force. At the top of the sleeve, there is a depiction of Mary from the Pieta. Wes explains that in the gothic era, it was much more common for people to pray to the Virgin Mary because she was seen as being more compassionate and forgiving. Mary’s presence is there to symbolize his sister who he feels really raised him, and in many ways was really his mother. Wes feels that there are specific things that have contributed to his life he has grown to love, and adding to it are the family he has made for himself as well as the community he has built through CrossFit.

Growth in Community

Community is something Wes emphasizes not just for his world in fitness, but through those, he has been blessed enough to be surrounded by. He believes the encouragement and accountability he has received through CrossFit is something others are missing in their own lives. Through it he has even come to learn more about the value of nutrition and quality supplements. His connections with BUBS Naturals opened up his world to recovery and the benefit it provides as we age. However, despite aging, Wes is not slowing down for anything, and he proves it during our recent IG Live between him and our co-Founder Sean Lake. CrossFit, and really the health and fitness world, has added so much to Wes’s life, truly shaping him into a warrior for himself, his family, and his community.