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blog From Hollywood Nights to Ultra Running: A Q&A with Eli Wehbe

From Hollywood Nights to Ultra Running: A Q&A with Eli Wehbe

Kolby Seemann

7 days ago

Eli Wehbe lived at the center of Los Angeles nightlife. More than a decade of hustle, scramble, and hard work put him at the pinnacle of the life he always wanted: celebrity friends, beautiful women, fast cars, and popularity. He achieved his dream, but it left him empty. Then, a tragedy threatened to destroy him and everything he worked for.

In his raw, honest, and vulnerable memoir, Mask: Through the Belly of Hollywood to Self-Discovery, Eli shares his story and reveals the truth behind Los Angeles after dark. Riveting from the first minute to the last, Mask describes the backstabbing, insecurities, and hollowness that drive the nightclub business and the people within it.

After plunging to the depths of despair, Eli refused to give up, embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery and reinvention. Mask chronicles his ultimate odyssey from teen outcast to Hollywood mogul to extreme athletic achievement - an inspiring American story of creation, failure, and redemption.

The Power of Resilience

Q: It is written that you inspire people to believe in the power of their own resilience. Can you elaborate on that?

Eli: People just gotta believe in themselves no matter how tough life gets, no matter what obstacles come their way. Life ain’t easy, and you will be hit with extreme adversity. I don’t care how bad you think your situation might be, I believe you can bounce back from anything. You just gotta believe that you can and keep pushing forward no matter what life throws at you.

The Allure of Ultra Running

Q: What is it about ultra running that you love most? What originally attracted you to this sport?

Eli: Daily pain, discipline, suffering, and struggle all together lead to growth. The unknown of the sport is what really drives me. The unknown is where the growth lies. The unknown will build unstoppable resilience. The unknown will make the game worthwhile. The unknown creates purpose within the journey. Set yourself a list of “does not seem doable” goals, embrace the unknown, and the key is always to give 100% of whatever you have available in the tank. Get up and show up, no matter how you feel, every single day.

Conquering the Cocodona 250

Q: What inspired you to participate in the Cocodona 250 race? How did this experience align with your personal and athletic goals?

Eli: This race was part 1 of 4 of the GRAND SLAM OF 200 series. A series of 4 200+ mile races over the summer that only 9 people in the world have completed in one year, and I damn sure am going to be the 10th on that list.

Q: Give us a brief look into the most challenging part of the Cocodona 250. What got you through?

Eli: The whole race was tough, between the dryness, heat, elevation, and length. Also, a fire broke out on the last day, which just jacked up our lungs. But it’s just one foot after the other. You keep pushing forward, just like life. It’s going to be a rollercoaster of ups and downs all the way through, but you don’t ever give up.

Fueling the Journey: BUBS Naturals Hydrate or Die Electrolytes

Q: Why did you choose BUBS Hydration for your electrolytes? Can you elaborate on how the product performs for you?

Eli: I tried BUBS electrolytes through a friend and loved how I felt on it. It never gave me the overly sweet flavor like most other brands, which makes you feel sick during long races like that. I always keep 3-4 packs on me between aid stations to keep my electrolytes on point throughout my races.

The Benefits of BUBS Naturals Hydrate or Die Electrolytes

BUBS Naturals Hydrate or Die Electrolytes stand out for several reasons:

  • 2000mg of Electrolytes: Essential minerals like sodium, potassium, and magnesium ensure you stay hydrated and maintain peak performance during intense activities.

  • Clean Ingredients: No added sugars, colors, or preservatives, making it a far healthier choice compared to many other sports drinks.

  • Digestive Comfort: The light flavor prevents the sickly sweet feeling, especially crucial during long endurance events.

  • Convenient Packaging: Easy-to-carry packs that fit perfectly in your running gear for quick access during races or intense workouts.

Eli's transformation from a nightlife mogul to an ultra-running inspiration is a testament to the power of resilience, the pursuit of purpose, and the importance of maintaining one's health and well-being. Through his story, he continues to motivate others to embrace their challenges and push beyond their limits, showing that with the right mindset and tools, anything is possible.