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The Trials of Success of Chase Chewning

TJ Ferrara

over 1 year ago

The trials of life are often the things that determine our character. The challenges and obstacles that we face can completely shape us as people, and if we let them, they can ruin us. For fitness fanatic and Army veteran Chase Chewning, trials and challenges were commonplace. Despite the overwhelming impediments faced, Chewning did not allow himself to be stopped nor did he give into limitation. In fact, he not only managed to push through these obstacles, but even pushed so far beyond them he landed a life of success. In this life, he found recovery, healing, peace, and essentially success.

From Civilian to Military Man and Back to Civilian

A number of Chase Chewning’s family members dating back generations had served, and in a way, it seemed as though it was his time. Though he had debated the idea of attending college for graphic design, he chose to join the army. So, at the age of 17, he swore into the military. With his connections, he was able to make it to the E-2 rank quite easily, and from the outside, it really seemed he had chosen the best path for himself. He had the original plan to enlist for 20 years, to then retire at the age of 37. Chewning’s life seemed to be ideal. However, while stationed in Texas, not long into training, he suffered a severe injury. The injury resulted in repositioning his femur in his hip joints and holding it in place with metal rods in both hips. He had to undergo being cut open twice and chose to not go through with spinal surgery fearing the aftermath. After being transported to the medical hold unit, undergoing surgery and rehabilitation, his future seemed dimmer. Improper healing and regression in recovery, and the reality that his injuries were perhaps too extreme were valid concerns. It was determined that he had no chance with the military and could not move forward into the Army. Despite having the option to receive medical retirement, and ultimately have all his needs met due to his injury, he did not want the mundane life that would follow. Instead, he remembered his father’s philosophy that has been his driving force for years: Ever Forward. Chewning decided to do something about his situation. The trauma that ensued from his accident naturally led him in wanting to learn more about his body. So, he made a plan for himself back at square one. He decided to go to college and study exercise science.

A Cane on the College Campus

Chewining’s college experience was not the same story as most students. He was older than the average freshman and was still depending on the assistance of his mother to get to classes. Not to mention he made use of a cane to get around campus for an extended period of time. Despite the physical challenges, Chase found himself developing a passion for health and fitness. He loved learning about the uniqueness of the human body and the possible potential that was in store for each person. He was especially interested in his own potential. Chewning pushed through his studies amidst the irony of his situation as a physically impaired individual studying the human body. He was hooked on the subject and knew he had made the right choice. He managed to graduate and earn this degree in 2013.

Valuing Hard Work

After college, he went onto grad school for Health Promotion with a concentration in Nutrition. He landed a job as a Wellness Director which gave him a lot of knowledge and experience actually working in the field. However, all the knowledge and experience may have been due to the fact he was doing the jobs of four people. Once again, however, he found himself in a difficult situation. He was struggling with the reality that he was overworked, undervalued, and underpaid. He had to make a decision to either stick around and hope for the best, or take matters into his own hands. After coming up with an exit strategy, Chase made moves towards putting himself into the creative world. He managed to find a way to make money with his podcast, and after giving his notice in 2017, eventually launched his health coaching company.

The Continued Journey

Despite the doubts and fear of moving to California, Chase has found for himself a home and a place where his work can thrive. And not only does Chase’s work still involve his passion for health and fitness, but business for him has consistently managed to double. He has managed to work with a number of like-minded businesses, such as BUBS Naturals, expanding his community and connections. Chase is far from done moving ever forward. Realizing how fulfilling it can be to discover the world in all it’s ways he has made time to find himself and understand who he is. Chewning has taken steps towards addressing his own mental health from his time in the military and seeks to dive even deeper into the potential of the human mind. If you want to watch Chase discuss the greater whole of his life in detail, check out our IG Live with our co-founder, Sean Lake. The two of them sat down and hashed it all out, shared ancient secrets, and shared all things radness. Chewning’s life is just one of so many where so often people choose to not take that risk or settle for what they have. Chase’s life proves the value of hard work and dedication, and Chase himself is an example of the character one needs to succeed to move ever forward.