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blog The Fourth of July is Not Cancelled

The Fourth of July is Not Cancelled

Jessica Danger

over 2 years ago

It’s the Fourth of July, ya’ll.

We don’t know about you, but we’re going to celebrate America. Here at BUBS Naturals, we like celebrating with some good old fashioned fun, food, and heaping doses of collagen protein. So if you’re celebrating America alongside us this weekend, here are a few ways to make sure you still get some protein in the mix.

Red, White, and Blue Donuts -- Because, why not. Homemade donuts are actually not as intimidating as most people think. You can bake them in donut pans, fry them the old fashioned way, or even have at it with your air fryer. The red, white, and blue frosting here is what gives it that extra patriotic pizazz, and since BUBS Collagen protein is flavorless, you can add some in with your confectioner’s sugar and no one will ever know. 

 Pro-Tip: You can whip up a BUBS Latte to have with your donuts. BOOM! 

American Sparkling Soda -- Well, if this isn’t the sweetest looking thing you’ll serve this holiday, we don’t know what is. This refreshing drink will keep you cool all day long as you impress your friends with your festive yard decorations and perfect grilling techniques. Since it’s alcohol free and also hydrating, you can serve it to everyone, even the kids who will be none the wiser that you’ve whisked in some BUBS Collagen in there, since it dissolves 100% of the way.

Pro-Tip: If drinks for “grown-ups only” are more your style, we got you

Pork Chops With Honey Glaze -- We know, we know, there’s plenty of protein in pork chops. That’s totally fine, but like, we really love protein. That’s why we whipped up this honey glaze with BUBS collagen added to it. And if pork chops aren’t your thing (you animal, you) you can use this glaze on some roasted broccoli, too. Or just drizzle that shit all over your plate, that’s what we do.

Pro-Tip: We’re serious. Just pour it on everything. That’s the pro-tip.

Fireworks Sugar Cookie Cake -- What the heckin’ heck. We’ve all seen the giant chocolate cookie cakes, but a sugar cookie cake? Yessir. This little patriotic dessert will be the star of the grand finale, with M&Ms and sprinkles. You can add some BUBS collagen into your batter before you bake this bad boy, or you can just enjoy it as is. We won’t tell. 

Pro-Tip: Top it with homemade ice cream. No, really! It’s much easier than people think. You can get an ice cream maker for home and have ice cream whenever you want, with flavorless, fully dissolving collagen in it, obviously. Protein ice cream? At home? Whenever you want? Uh, we think yes.

Happy Fourth of July from us to you. And, if you’re celebrating the Fourth serving in the military, or as a first responder, here at BUBS Naturals our hats are off to you. 

Be safe, have fun, and don’t do anything Glen wouldn’t do.