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blog What To Do When You Feel Bloated

What To Do When You Feel Bloated

Sean Lake

about 2 years ago

We’ve all been there, especially around the holidays. You finish a delicious meal and after sitting back you start to feel too full and maybe even regret taking that last bite. If your stomach has ever felt full and tight, like there is no room left inside, you have felt the effects of bloating. Bloating occurs when your gastrointestinal tract is filled with air or gas. For many, bloating is a common, almost daily occurrence. This can cause discomfort and may prevent you from doing the things you want or need to do. Luckily, many causes of bloating can be avoided, and some measures can be taken to prevent or ease the discomfort of bloating.

Causes of Bloating

If bloating is caused by air in the gut, then how does that air get there in the first place? Sometimes it actually is as simple as swallowing air. If you chew gum, smoke, or eat too fast, you can swallow excess air which enters your GI tract. Another major cause is overeating. It’s estimated to take about 20 minutes for your brain to recognize that your stomach is full. This means we often overeat before we are able to actually realize it. Other causes of bloating include:

  • Constipation

  • Reflux

  • Weight gain

  • Menstruation

There can also be medical causes to bloating, so if you are experiencing chronic bloating and the following suggestions to prevent or soothe it do not help, it may be wise to see a doctor and rule out any chance of inflammation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, blockage, anxiety, depression, or side effects of medication. Occasional bloating is very common and not serious, but if it happens all the time, a doctor should be able to find the cause with your description of symptoms, a physical exam, and imaging of your abdomen if necessary.

How Can I Prevent Bloating?

We can prevent bloating by paying attention to our triggers and avoiding certain habits.

  • Avoid foods that are known to cause gas. These include cabbage, brussels sprouts, turnips, beans, lentils, and dairy. Keep in mind that not all “trigger foods” are triggers for everyone. You may want to consider an elimination diet such as Whole 30 to see what foods are triggers.

  • Reduce or avoid drinking carbonated drinks (such as soda). These drinks contain carbonation, which can get trapped in the gut. The sugar also makes you retain more water, also leading to bloating.

  • Avoid artificial sweeteners: eating and drinking foods that include fructose or sorbitol. These artificial sweeteners are often found in sugar-free foods.

  • Eat slowly. Pay attention to when you might feel full or close to full. Remember it takes your brain about 20 minutes to recognize this, so stop while you’re ahead!

  • Eat more foods high in fiber to prevent constipation. If foods alone don’t help, consider taking a fiber supplement. It’s also important to stay hydrated, always make sure you are drinking enough water.

  • Be wary of fatty foods: Fat takes longer for your body to digest. It is more work for your digestive system and can create more gas. Remember…all things in moderation.

  • Pay attention to salt: Another common cause of bloating is salt intake. Yes, your body needs salt, but sometimes we eat more salt than we need. Too much salt can make your body retain water leading to bloat. Avoid adding too much salt to your food, but also check your packaged food.

  • Curb carbs: Similarly to salt, too many simple carbohydrates (think white bread, candy, pastries) can also cause your body to retain too much water and lead to bloating. Avoid simple carbs and stick to the complex ones like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Keep the gut healthy: BUBS Naturals Collagen Protein helps keep your gut healthy all year long, especially when you partner up with Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies.

Natural Remedies for Bloating

But what if it’s too late and bloating has already set in? Not to worry; there are plenty of natural methods for fighting off the discomfort. Ginger: ginger, whether fresh, in a tea, or in a ginger candy, is known to relieve indigestion and relieve bloating Peppermint: Peppermint is another herb that can soothe the stomach Yoga: Movement helps the digestive system get back to work which may help relieve bloating due to constipation. Some poses are specifically meant to encourage digestion. Apple cider vinegar: Two of these a day from BUBS Naturals give you 1000mg of apple cider vinegar, vitamin b12, vitamin b6, folic acid, iodine, pomegranate juice powder, beet juice powder. They support digestion and a healthy gut by lowering blood sugar levels and improving sugar absorption from the blood - which can help with that retained water that increases bloating. Additionally, it suppresses the appetite which can help prevent you from overeating or opting for packaged snacks, both of which will lead to bloating. There are loads of other benefits to this supplement such as weight loss, increased energy, immune support, and healthy skin, it doesn't hurt that they’re delicious! Gut health is essential to the health of the entire body, and BUBS Naturals is here to keep the gut happy with Collagen, MCT Oil Powder, and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. Our subscribe & save feature makes it easy to add one or all three to your daily routine to help your gut run smoothly and kick that bloat!