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blog Is Coffee Good For You Before a Workout?

Is Coffee Good For You Before a Workout?

Sean Lake

over 1 year ago

Coffee vs. Pre-Workout

Coffee is the elixir of life, especially for those always on the run. Getting through meetings, staying sharp for conferences, and being alert for daily duties are all aided by a strong cup of joe. It is no surprise that for workouts, many people reach for that jolt of energy before they step into gear. Coffee is prized for its ergogenic properties, or its ability to boost energy production, which helps athletes with both performance and recovery. While there are many proven positive benefits to drinking coffee, there can be some drawbacks as well. Being informed of when to enjoy coffee, while also being knowledgeable about how it affects performance and other aspects of your body are important to make the most of your caffeine boost.

How it Works:

Coffee contains caffeine, which affects the body in different ways. Caffeine’s reach in the body is quite wide, as it affects multiple bodily systems including the central nervous system and muscle and fat cells. In this way, it can affect multiple functions at the same time, enhancing performance through absorption into the bloodstream.

Benefits of Coffee Consumption Before a Workout:

There are many reasons why people are drawn to coffee before a workout. With the myriad of options available for boosts of energy before exercise, coffee still remains a top choice for its cheap, natural, and healthy qualities (drinking four cups a day has shown to increase life expectancy). Read below to find out some of the top reasons people enjoy this beverage before their exercise.

Increased Physical Capabilities:

A study conducted by The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) noted the positive effects of coffee on workouts. Coffee can help with muscle strength, cardiovascular health, and overall endurance. Some research also suggests an increase in muscle movement, aiding in aerobic and static exercise such as runs and jumps. These are crucial for any workouts, especially those requiring increased endurance.

Improved Cognitive Function:

With no surprise, coffee ranks high in cognitive performance because of its ability to increase mental alertness. By reducing fatigue, this also allows you to get that extra jolt of energy needed to push through the workout. Increased focus prepares you for your workout, and leaves you determined and motivated to perform at your best. A great way to increase the cognitive efficiency of coffee is MCT Oil, which fast acts to provide mental clarity and increased stamina. That way you ensure you are in the headspace no matter the day for a killer workout.

Increased Fat Burn:

In a study on the effects of coffee with aerobic exercise, coffee proved to be a beneficial factor in the increase of fat burning. The study performed at the University of Granada found that people who consumed coffee 30 minutes before exercise had increased oxidation levels by 10.7%. This allows for higher and longer performance while working out. For even greater aid in weight management, collagen protein powder can help.

Drawbacks of Coffee Consumption Before a Workout:

Coffee is great for enhancing performance, however comes with stipulations surrounding its use. For best utilization of its powerful properties, knowing drawbacks and how to avoid them increases its efficacy in your workout routine.

Caffeine Sensitivity

Even coffee has its drawbacks. Coffee is known to increase anxiety, irritability, and heart rate. This can be harmful to people who seek exercise for calming effects. In extremely rare cases, you can experience a caffeine overdose, which is caused by overconsumption from other caffeine sources such as energy drinks. For best effects with minimized anxiety, drinking 1 to 2 cups of coffee provides an energy boost while avoiding irritability.


When you exercise, your body diverts energy from the digestion process to fuel the body’s movement. Therefore someone hitting the gym before fully digesting can add to stomach issues and lessen the efficacy of the workout. Consuming coffee 45-60 minutes before the workout allows for the energy boost to properly kick in while lessening the chance of indigestion. For increased aid in digestion, adding collagen to your cup can help.


As a stimulant, caffeine can contribute to insomnia or the inability to fully rest. Coupled with exercise, caffeine reduces the body’s ability to relax and fully rest, which is also important for physical well-being. In this case, avoiding coffee or other caffeine sources in the hours leading up to sleep is the best way to prevent insomnia.

Do’s and Don’ts of Coffee Consumption Before Working Out

Do Plan Ahead: Drinking coffee an hour ahead of time can reduce the chance of indigestion and upset stomach. This also allows you to feel the full performance-enhancing effects of caffeine as you go to work out. DON’T Add the Artificial Stuff: For best results, researchers suggest consuming black coffee. The added sugars and syrups that often make coffee so delicious can also contribute to fatigue and unhealthy diet patterns. If black coffee isn’t your jam, no worries, just mix in some of our MCT Oil Powder and our BUBS Naturals Collagen. Do Add A Boost: For best results, adding natural products that synergistically enhances performance can aid you in your workout. Adding collagen can enhance muscle mobility, improve endurance, and bolster immune performance for your overall well-being. DON’T Sweat It: Know when your body needs the caffeine, and how much. Making sure to have the appropriate amount of caffeine allows for the boost of energy without the nervous side effects that come with overconsumption.

Bottom Line

For those looking to enhance performance in a safe, and inexpensive way, coffee is a great way to go. Consumers should drink 1-2 cups (240-475 mL) 45-60 minutes before exercise for best results. To enhance the coffee’s performance, BUBS Naturals Collagen Protein and MCT Oil Powder will aid in the energy boost’s efficacy to help you perform better for a longer period of time.