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blog Understanding Flavored, Unflavored and Naturally Flavored Collagen Powder

Understanding Flavored, Unflavored and Naturally Flavored Collagen Powder

TJ Ferrara

over 2 years ago

Choosing to go flavored or unflavored is always a struggle when following a healthy diet since flavored options can be deceptively unhealthy. Flavored almond milks, nutrition bars, and even protein powders - all items you would consider “good for you” - can come loaded with unnecessary grams of sugar. And not natural sugar, but added sugar, which really can do a number on your stomach, skin and other areas of the body. When you’re pursuing a healthy diet, you’ve got to get familiar with the nutrition labels. It sounds tedious, but those labels disclose the truth on whether or not an item truly is good for you or is actually doing damage. So whether you’re looking for a natural coffee creamer, a whole grain bread, or a protein supplement, make it a habit to scan that nutrition label before tossing it into the cart.

What does flavored mean?

Flavored can mean many things. For the sake of this blog, however, we’re going to consider what it means in regards to collagen protein powder and how it impacts not only your body, but the integrity of the product itself. A common complaint of collagen protein users is the bad taste that collagen protein powder leaves behind. Allow us to let you in on a little secret - the purest form of collagen doesn’t taste like anything. So if your collagen doesn’t taste very good, there are two possible reasons. The first is that the collagen came from a low-quality source. Collagen comes from animals, usually fish or cows, so if the cows are eating a poor diet (such as corn or soy), the proteins which come from these cows will also be poor. Similarly with marine collagen - if the fish come from a fish farm instead of freshly caught, this marine collagen might taste downright fishy. And no one likes their morning coffee with a side of fish... The second could be due to a faulty manufacturing process, causing contamination of the collagen protein. If the collagen is not manufactured purely, heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury can (and have) found their way into multiple different collagen proteins. This is why we at BUBS provide total transparency regarding the manufacturing process of both our collagen protein powder and MCT oil powder. With so many individuals seeking to utilize both MCT and collagen in their journey towards healthy eating, it’s important to support them with pure, clean ingredients.

One last note on flavor…

Now, this is not always the case, but sometimes a company will add flavoring to collagen protein powder to mask the poor taste quality of the collagen itself (which, as we’ve mentioned could be a result of bad collagen in the first place). If you do want a little touch of flavor in your collagen, make sure you check that ingredients list. Opt for natural flavoring options like “cocoa powder” or “vanilla extract,” versus terms like chocolate or vanilla flavoring. And always steer clear of anything added, such as “added sugar” or “added flavor.” A good rule of thumb when checking the ingredients list: if you can’t pronounce it or don’t recognize it, leave it on the shelf.

The benefits of unflavored

Obviously, we’re a big fan of the unflavored collagen option. There are tons of reasons why unflavored is one of the best options for collagen.

  •  Fewer ingredients mean fewer calories - Anytime more ingredients are added to a product, the calorie count likely increases. This is the case with most flavored collagens - unless the flavoring ingredient is very low calorie, its addition increases the total calories within the product.

  • You can mix unflavored collagen with anything - Many people choose to mix their collagen protein into their coffee or smoothie as an easy way to integrate it into their day. However, if you’re using vanilla bean flavored collagen, it’s not going to taste great in a power greens smoothie. Because of its mixability, unflavored collagen is the best option if you like incorporating it into numerous daily recipes.

  • You still get all the benefits - With unflavored collagen, you get all of collagen’s amazing benefits, including healthier skin, nails and hair, improved joint function, better digestive health and faster workout recovery time. With flavored collagen, in order to compensate for added ingredients, you might be getting less collagen per serving, meaning less collagen benefits overall.

The benefits of naturally flavored collagen

For those who do opt for flavored collagen (because sometimes you just need a little touch of taste in your water), go for naturally flavored. The best flavored collagen is low in calories, with no added sugars and taste which comes from natural ingredients. For example, take the Fountain of Youth Formula. This flavored collagen protein option has only 60 calories per serving because it gets its incredible taste from the maqui berry, one of nature’s best-kept secrets. Not only does it have a crave-worthy taste, but the berry also offers additional benefits to your body, like protection from free radicals, reduction of inflammation and a boost in antioxidants. As mentioned, flavored collagen products tend to provide less collagen per serving. If you consult the nutrition label on the Fountain of Youth Formula, you’ll notice that 10g of collagen is provided per serving, versus the 20g in one serving of regular collagen protein. This is not to keep people from getting the recommended daily dose of collagen, rather, this serving size takes into account the needed daily dose of collagen with a particular focus on skin, nails and hair. Only 2.5-5g of collagen per day are needed if your goal is skin elasticity, stronger nails and gleaming hair.

It all comes down to your health

Your health is first and foremost in all things. For this reason, the cleanest manufacturing process, from the foods the cows eat to the flavors added at the end, is in your best interest. When choosing a collagen protein powder that’s best for you, go for the purest. Whether it be the Fountain of Youth Formula with the added benefits of the maqui berry, or plain and simple (but powerful) Collagen Protein Powder, BUBS Naturals has you covered.