blog What is the Maqui Berry?

What is the Maqui Berry?

TJ Ferrara

over 1 year ago

Why should I care about the maqui berry? With the highest antioxidant count of any berry, the maqui berry helps you combat inflammation, fortify eye and heart health and protect the gut. Every so often, a new superfood will break the internet, sending people scrambling to their nearest grocery store for a taste before the shelves are empty. Remember when people were pouring coconut oil over their whole life? Or when avocados became so popular that you could find them on everything from toast to shampoo to t-shirts? Well, prepare yourself, because there’s a new superfood on the block, and one we think is absolutely worth all the hype. Allow us to introduce you to the maqui berry.

A Benefits-Packed Berry

At first glance, the maqui berry looks unassuming, kind of like a blueberry in shape and texture, but with a gorgeous deep blackberry color. The taste of the berry walks the line between tart and sweet, and has been compared to blackberries and huckleberries, while still offering a flavor delicious enough to blend well with any smoothie or granola mix. Native to Chile and Argentina, the maqui berry has been used in South America for thousands of years for medicinal purposes because the berry packs an absolute wallop when it comes to health benefits. Since it’s still relatively new to the viral superfood scene, research on the maqui berry isn’t entirely conclusive, but initial studies have shown that the maqui berry can offer health benefits in more ways than one, with little to no side effects on the body. The maqui berry is one of the richest sources of antioxidants, measuring a content almost three times higher than most other berries. They are particularly high in an antioxidant group called anthocyanins, known to work against all sorts of chronic diseases including cancer, arthritis and diabetes. Plus, antioxidants fight viciously against free radicals (unstable, damage-causing atoms within cells). If left untouched, these free radicals can actually do some serious harm to the cells within the body, causing oxidative stress, which in turn leads to effects such as aging, loss of skin elasticity, hair loss, and even more serious conditions. By consuming products rich in antioxidants such as the maqui berry, you can aid your cells in their fight against free radicals and promote younger-looking, healthier-feeling skin and body. The maqui berry has also been tested regarding its use in combating inflammation. Inflammation causes numerous issues within the body, from small annoyances like skin breakouts to major concerns like lung conditions, diabetes and arthritis. Similar to antioxidants, certain foods work in the body as anti-inflammatory agents, and the maqui berry falls into such a category, working to keep inflammation down in order to help internal functions operate smoothly.

The Maqui Berry and You.

Unless you live in South America, you might have noticed the absence of maqui in the produce section of the grocery store. Unfortunately, it’s not as accessible of a daily fruit as we would’ve liked it to be, so we at BUBS Naturals did something about it. Using dried, ground maqui berry, we created the Fountain of Youth Formula to keep you as young as possible for as long as possible. Allow us to elaborate...

Maqui Berry, Meet Collagen and MCT.

We’re all familiar with collagen’s top-shelf spot in the health and beauty industry, and MCT follows as its unforgettable sidekick in the athletic field. Known for their gut-healing, energy-giving properties (among countless other benefits), this dynamic duo suddenly turns into a top-notch trio when paired with everything that the maqui berry has to offer. The antioxidants in the maqui berry fight the damage done to the hair, skin and nails from free radicals. The collagen protein content within the Fountain of Youth Formula works alongside the berry to promote collagen production within the body. The result? Returned elasticity to the skin, lusciously shining hair and strengthened nails. In addition, the MCT content gives you bursts of clean energy, as well as an internal fortification to continuously heal your gut and brain. Because of MCT’s ability to keep you feeling fuller longer, it can also decrease sugar cravings and promote weight loss. Pair this with the maqui’s benefits of weight loss and healthy gut flora, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a supplement. And did we mention the 1000mg of Vitamin C? That’s right - we believe it’s important to also protect your immune system because you’re only as strong as your immune system. With Vitamin C, antioxidants and essential B vitamins from pantothenic acid and biotin, the Fountain of Youth Formula provides you with everything you need to thrive.

Take a Drink From The Fountain of Youth.

Do yourself a favor: incorporate the maqui berry, through our Fountain of Youth Formula, into your daily routine. With just one scoop into your beverage of choice, you can take your powerhouse supplement wherever your road takes you. The formula takes care of all the rest, giving you energy, immunity, fabulous skin and hair, and of course, antioxidants and delicious flavor from your new favorite superfood: the maqui berry.