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Fountain of Youth Maqui Berry Flavored Collagen with Biotin and Vitamin C, 10.16 oz Tub, BUBS Naturals, Front

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Fountain of Youth Formula

10.16 oz / 18 Day Supply

108 reviews





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"I recommend BUBS Collagen to most of my patients. I found BUBS Naturals helps with hair, skin and nail health. Additionally, it helps joint health and digestive functions almost immediately. Finally a brand touting tangible results that my patients see within days."

Dr. Liz Dudek

Paix Medicine


Every Ingredient Scientifica-lly Formulated To Restore Your Youth

BUBS Naturals single-sourced and grass-fed collagen protein is a powerful supplement proven to boost skin elasticity and viscosity, improve gut health, support muscle recovery, and strengthen hair and nails.

The addition of dried, ground maqui and 1,000 mg of vitamin C makes it an antioxidant that packs more than 7x the power of superfruits like goji and acai berries. Also in there is our MCT oil powder, derived from sustainably sourced coconuts, which provides a ketogenic fuel for a clean burst of energy and mental clarity.

Collagen helps boost your immune system, but adding extra vitamin C makes it even stronger. BUBS Fountain of Youth can help you maintain healthy immune function and promotes healthy tissue growth and repair, encourages healthy immune system activity, and supports healthy antioxidant activity, including protection from harmful free radicals.

Experience Your Youth Anytime, Anywhere!

We created BUBS Fountain of Youth Formula, as an anytime-anywhere product, and wanted it to be flavorful enough to stand on its own. We fell in love with the sweet and tart berry-like flavor of maqui berry, but...

What really hooked us was the nutritional value. High in antioxidants, the maqui berry has the highest Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) of any known berry, making it a powerful weapon against skin damage from both sun and aging.

The maqui berry’s deep violet color comes from high concentrations of anthocyanidin, a nutrient that has been recently linked to a number of benefits including protecting and boosting collagen production, supporting healthy heart function, reinforcing immunity by reducing inflammation and free radical damage, and improving exercise recovery time.

Fountain Of Youth Promotes Your Vitality, Restores Your Energy, And Takes You Back To Your Prime


Supports Joint Health & Keeps Bones Strong

BUBS Collagen Peptides boosts synovial fluid production, helping increase joint mobility and functionality, and reducing inflammation and joint pain.*


May Improve Recovery Time After Workouts

BUBS’ Collagen Peptide amino profile includes proline and lysine, two amino acids that are known to aid in athletic recovery.*

Supports Joint Health & Keeps Bones Strong

Supports Glowing Hair, Skin, & Nails

Glycine and proline, two of the main amino acids in BUBS’ Collagen Peptides, are capable of hydrating and strengthening skin, restoring a youthful look.*

Encourages Better Digestive Health

Encourages Better Digestive Health

No one likes a leaky gut. BUBS Collagen is a valuable ally in the fight against gastrointestinal inflammation and autoimmune disorders.*


We give 10% to charity with every purchase you make.

We give 10% to charity (mainly military foundations) with every purchase you make. The BUBS namesake derives from Glen ‘BUB’ Doherty, who was heroically killed in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. In addition to remembering Glen for the patriot he is, the BUBS ethos centers around the passionate and adventure seeking life that Glen lived.

Woven into the DNA of BUBS Naturals is that of professional athletes, top performers, rabble-rousers, and Navy SEALs. Through that, our goal is to exceed your expectations in everything we do, starting with our Collagen backed by scientific research and discovery; an endless pursuit to help you, and us, find the Fountain of Youth.

Whole30 Approved

FAQ about Fountain of Youth

Each scoop comes with tons of nutritional value, in some cases, 1000 times the amount of DV. If you want to double up on your Fountain of Youth servings, that’s okay – but you’ll still see great results with just one scoop. We don’t recommend more than 2 scoops per day.