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BUBS Naturals Essential Bundle with 20oz collagen tub, 10oz mct tub, and mix wand

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BUBS Essentials Kit

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28 Serving Tub Of Collagen ($47.00 Value)

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30 Serving Bag Of MCT Oil Powder ($37.00 Value)

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An Electric Frother ($12.00 Value)

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10 Collagen Breakfast Recipes ($10.00 Value)

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10 Collagen Dessert Recipes ($5.00 Value)

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10 Collagen Beverage Recipes ($5.00 Value)

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7 Day Home Workout Guide ($12.00 Value)

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"I recommend BUBS Collagen to most of my patients. I found BUBS Naturals helps with hair, skin and nail health. Additionally, it helps joint health and digestive functions almost immediately. Finally a brand touting tangible results that my patients see within days."

Dr. Liz Dudek

Paix Medicine


Collagen As The Science Based Fountain Of Youth

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. But naturally, with age, the body’s production of collagen slows down. As our bodies age past 25, they naturally slow down collagen and elastin production. This affects the smoothness of your skin and slows down hair and nail growth. This also means that joint repair and overall recovery can potentially begin taking a longer period of time.

Simply put, BUBS’ collagen promotes health and healing from the inside out. Studies show that BUBS collagen is useful for the support and reconstruction of joints. It's also a great recovery tool after exercise. Additionally, the proteins and amino acids in BUBS’ collagen help strengthen skin, promote increased elasticity, and benefit smoothness while supporting healthy hair and nails.*

A Clean Burst Of Energy Without The Crash for the bubs essentials

BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder, is a powerful ketogenic oil — meaning that it is scientifically proven to transform into ketones almost as soon as it is consumed, for a clean burst of energy and increased mental clarity. The surge of clean, non-jittery energy coupled with increased focus and mental clarity can be felt almost immediately after consuming it. This is why it goes so well with coffee.

BUBS MCT is 70% C-08, commonly known as caprylic acid, a fast-acting, clean energy source. This healthy fat aid in boosting mental clarity within minutes while helping reducing gut inflammation. Unlike LCT oils, long-chain triglycerides, the C-08 Oil in BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder is able to skip the line at the digestive tract and go straight into the liver, where it unleashes its powers.*

BUBS MCT Powder Promotes Clean Energy Without A Crash And Keeps Your Gut At It's Best

  • "What's allowed me the success that I've had both in my football career and post-career transitioning out is the healthy habits and the routines that I've been able to build into my lifestyle. I wake up at 3:30am every single morning.
  • It's not easy to get out of bed at 3:30am, but the reward that I walk myself through that night before is that cup of coffee. The MCT Oil Powder the real treat for me.
  • Nobody's getting out of bed for a black cup of coffee, but you are getting out of bed when you drop some MCT Oil Powder in there. It's creamy, it's delicious, and it's good fuel for the brain on sports talk radio. And it gives me plenty of sustained energy to get through my workouts."

"Nobody's Getting Out Of Bed For A Black Cup Of Coffee, But You Are Getting Out Of Bed When You Drop Some MCT Oil Powder In There"

Mike Hazle, Former US Olympian, National Champion, World-Championship Team Member & Military Veteran


Supports Joint Health & Keeps Bones Strong

BUBS Collagen Peptides boosts synovial fluid production, helping increase joint mobility and functionality, and reducing inflammation and joint pain.*


May Improve Recovery Time After Workouts

BUBS’ Collagen Peptide amino profile includes proline and lysine, two amino acids that are known to aid in athletic recovery.*

Supports Joint Health & Keeps Bones Strong

Supports Glowing Hair, Skin, & Nails

Glycine and proline, two of the main amino acids in BUBS’ Collagen Peptides, are capable of hydrating and strengthening skin, restoring a youthful look.*

Encourages Better Digestive Health

Encourages Better Digestive Health

No one likes a leaky gut. BUBS Collagen is a valuable ally in the fight against gastrointestinal inflammation and autoimmune disorders.*

BUBS’ commitment to excellence begins long before our product lands on your doorstep.

In this quest for the highest standard possible, we go to great lengths to find the pinnacle of purity. We do this because we wouldn't put anything less in our bodies to achieve our goals, nor do we expect you to either.

This is why we source our collagen from Brazil, where cows are grass-fed and pasture-raised. While our cows may get some feed as they transition off of the pasture or during times of extreme drought, Brazil’s regulations prohibit all feed from having any hormones added. In their free time, our cows have been known to enjoy soccer, samba, bossa nova, and the occasional caipirinha.

✓ "I've been including BUBS collagen in my morning smoothie for the last 3 weeks and I'm feeling much healthier overall. I usually walk around with my back or elbows hurting but now, that's not longer the case. You can tell this product is high-quality and comes from a good company, and they're the only Collagen I've found that's NSF certified." - Chris F.

Whole30 Approved

FAQ About Collagen Peptides

Probably You!! Collagen peptides are typically recommended for those looking to support skin health, improve joint function, boost bone density, and enhance hair and nail growth. Collagen particularly benefits folks over the age of 25, as the body’s natural collagen production declines with age. Athletes and those suffering from joint pain also turn to collagen for joint health and muscle recovery.