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blog The Impact Of ACV On Your Metabolism

The Impact Of ACV On Your Metabolism

Sean Lake

over 2 years ago

We live in a society where much of our focus turns towards healthy living through exercise, eating right, and supplementing. Everyone has their own reason for seeking a healthy lifestyle – it might be because you’re an athlete expecting a lot from your body, because you have a health condition whose symptoms are lessened through intentional eating or because you’re striving to start living healthy by initially losing unwanted weight. No matter what your intention behind healthy eating is, you’ll find all sorts of ideas that help you achieve your end goal.

Weight loss as a health goal

For those whose end goal is weight loss, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the options floating around on the internet. Dieting tips, tricks and hacks are as abundant as mosquitoes in a swamp, and sometimes just as harmful. So how do you find the best ways to promote weight loss in a healthy way without getting wrapped up in some bizarre trend? Well, the first step is to always do your research. If you find a weight loss trend or suggestion, do an online search to make sure more than one reputable source confirms and supports the method. Additionally, check with your doctor or medical professional, especially before incorporating a new supplement.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve done a lot of the background research for you when it comes to the weight loss benefits of apple cider vinegar (but by all means, cross check our two cents as well!) and can confidently assure you that it’s been proven to aid in taking off and keeping off unwanted weight. Of course apple cider vinegar needs to be paired with exercise and conscious eating in order to make a significant difference, but with perseverance and consistency, we’re pretty confident you’ll start to see a change. But what even is apple cider vinegar aside from a strong smelling liquid that you may or may not even have stashed in the back of the pantry? Great question – ACV is a liquid ingredient made through a fermentation process where juiced apples are combined with yeast to transform the natural sugars into alcohol. This alcohol is then combined with bacteria (not the bad kind, don’t worry) to create acetic acid, the property of ACV giving it that pungent smell and taste. It is this acetic acid which is so crucial to weight loss.

ACV and weight loss

When ingested either in a recipe, as an ACV gummy supplement, or consumed straight, apple cider vinegar works in the body to perform various functions which may lead to weight loss.

  • Lowers blood sugar – ACV has been reported to increase the muscle’s and liver’s ability to absorb sugar from the blood, thereby lowering overall blood sugar levels.

  • Promotes fullness – A handful of reports state that apple cider vinegar reduces the speed at which food leaves the stomach during digestion, which keeps the body feeling fuller longer and thereby reduces the number of calories you intake throughout the day. For most people, if you’re not feeling hungry you’re less likely to snack on unnecessary/unhealthy foods, an important asset to weight loss.

  • Suppresses appetite – Similarly to promoting fullness, acetate (the compound that the body turns the acetic acid into upon consumption) suppresses the appetite control center in the brain, keeping you from feeling constantly hungry and thereby frequently tempted to snack.

  • Burns fat and reduces fat storage – One roadblock to weight loss is the body’s tendency to keep unwanted fat stored; but ACV helps to discourage the body from storing unnecessary fat by increasing the genes which reduce belly and liver fat storage, as well as those genes which burn fat within the body. So not only does it keep the body from storing fat, it helps to burn off the additional fat already there.

  • Improves metabolism – Your metabolism is your body’s way of transforming the foods you eat into the energy you need to make it through the day. Apple cider vinegar encourages your body to more effectively utilize the food you put into it, rather than simply storing it away for a rainy day. Plus, it reduces the sugar and fat production in the liver, keeping that previously lost weight off for good.

Other benefits of ACV

Apple cider vinegar has been used for thousands of years as a home remedy, and not just for its weight loss benefits. You might find it exciting to know that while you’re utilizing ACV in your weight loss journey, it’s also benefiting your body in other ways, including:

  • Promoting hair health and reducing dandruff

  • Calming acid reflux

  • Protecting your gut and immune health with its probiotics content

  • Preventing damage to your cells with its antioxidant properties

  • Improving insulin levels in individuals with diabetes

Give ACV a shot

If a healthy weight is your ultimate goal, or if you’re simply seeking small, yet concrete ways to benefit your overall health, try implementing apple cider vinegar into your daily routine. You can mix it into a detox beverage with lemon, honey, and green tea, concoct it into a salad dressing, or use it as part of a marinade for salmon or chicken. Or, if you’re really into convenience and don’t have the time to follow a recipe, our BUBS Naturals ACV Gummies make incorporating ACV a piece of cake – simply take two gummies in the morning and go about your day!