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blog What’s the Deal With Americanos?

What’s the Deal With Americanos?

TJ Ferrara

over 2 years ago

Coffee Vs. Americano

We have been on a coffee journey recently, learning more about some of our favorite coffee beverages and trying out new drinks on the way. One classic is an americano, which, despite its name, isn’t actually that American. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Come along as we get into what’s so great about americanos and how you can enjoy it with your favorite BUBS Naturals products!

What’s an americano exactly?

Americanos were created for American soldiers in Italy who wanted drip coffee that was hard to come by in Italy, where espresso drinks are favored. Instead of running water slowly through coffee grounds, americanos are made from mixing steaming hot water with espresso. While watered-down espresso might not sound that great, americanos are actually a bold coffee beverage with a rich, full flavor that can change based on what kind of roast is used.

It’s not “expresso”

Most of us have had an espresso drink before but probably without stopping to ask what it even is. Espresso is a more concentrated form of coffee made by shooting hot, pressurized water through super finely ground coffee. The result is a shot of thick, strong coffee topped with a foamy layer known as the crema. This shot can be enjoyed straight, with cream and sugar or blended into other beverages like lattes, cappuccinos or americanos.

The truth about espresso and caffeine

Oh, caffeine. We love it, we need it. We may turn to espresso to fulfill that, especially when we are extra tired because of its caffeine content. Many people will brag about how many shots of espresso they’ve had that morning, citing its powerful caffeine. And it’s true: ounce per ounce espresso does contain more caffeine than regular coffee. But most people don’t drink straight espresso alone, and if they do, not enough to equal an entire cup of coffee. Caffeine content can also be difficult to calculate exactly as there are plenty of variables that could affect how much you are getting per cup, from water temperature to drip rate to grind to darkness of the roast. While many people assume that americanos are high in caffeine because of their rich dark flavor, this isn’t necessarily the case. First, most espresso beans are lower in caffeine than regular coffee beans because they have been so heavily roasted. Then, because water is shot through the grounds quickly, the caffeine content can be reduced further. That being said, most people agree that americanos (because they usually are made with two shots of espresso) have around the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.

Why try an americano?

Americanos are enjoyable if you love the rich bold flavor of dark roast coffee but don’t want the added milk found in lattes or cappuccinos. They are also perfect for enjoying black coffee with slightly less caffeine.

How to enjoy americanos

To enjoy an americano at home, you will need to have an espresso maker. You could also opt to make it on the stove using a traditional Italian stovetop espresso maker, however, you probably won’t achieve the same layer of crema. Once you have your shot, or shots, of espresso, simply top it off with steaming hot water. You can enjoy your americano the same way you would enjoy a cup of hot coffee, with cream and sugar, non-dairy creamer, flavors, or even by making it bulletproof.

Adding a little something extra

Americanos, like other coffee beverages, pack in caffeine that can make us feel more awake and alert, especially as we start the day. The problem is that this energy doesn’t usually last. We can also develop a dependence on caffeine that can lead to withdrawals or make us require more to reach the same desired effect. For many people, caffeine can lead to jitters, increased blood pressure, irritability, headaches, and even stomach and muscle issues. This can be avoided by not drinking too much coffee or cutting back from time to time. We also recommend making the most of ingredients known to promote long-lasting energy, like MCT oil. MCT Oil is a blend of fatty acids that can skip the digestive tract and go straight to the liver, where its ketogenic benefits go to work almost immediately, leaving you with energy, clarity, and focus. MCT oil also promotes leptin and peptide YY, two hormones that help you feel fuller longer, so you can keep your appetite under control. BUBS MCT Oil Powder is a great alternative to cream and sugar in your coffee, or americano, because it has the fats of cream that fill you up while also giving you the instant energy of sugar but without the crash. That’s because energy from ketones in MCT is so readily available. BUBS Naturals MCT Oil Powder is super simple to mix into coffee. You just need to add a scoop, mix and enjoy. We like to use a frother to make it super smooth.