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blog Sandlot JAX Fitness Festival | Sponsored by BUBS Naturals

Sandlot JAX Fitness Festival | Sponsored by BUBS Naturals

Sean Lake

about 2 years ago

After the pandemic struck, there was a flood of individuals seeking to improve their well-being. In-home gyms became commonplace, boosting natural immunity became a less taboo topic of discussion, and people have explored the possibilities of their overall wellbeing. The one thing that people are starved for, however, is connection. Now more than ever, there is a deep desire for community that there hasn’t been for a long while. If you are feeling the desire to branch out and connect with others who share your passion for fitness and health, then keep reading! BUBS Naturals recognizes most of all the value of our overall well-being, and this is why we’re happy to announce our partnership with the Sandlot Jax Fitness Festival. From April 22 to April 24, 2022, this community-supporting event will be open to those who choose to join. You can expect to sweat, eat great food, and build your community in the process.

What This Event is About

The Sandlot Jax Fitness Festival is there for those seeking to expand their community, but also just want the experience of building camaraderie with like-minded individuals. Those who are health-conscious, value fitness, and appreciate good food can be certain to have a place at this event. Perhaps most importantly, there will be a number of people you can share the experience with. During this event, there will be an expected physical element with different events and obstacle courses for those wanting to join. There will also be professional trainers and speakers attending, ready to give all the motivation and stories they have to those with a desire to learn and listen. You can also expect food trucks, and plenty of activities to participate in outside of the event grounds.

Why Should You Go

BUBS Naturals has always put conscious care into selecting who they choose to associate themselves with and who they choose to work with. They believe that it is important to work with those who share similar views and values. This is the main reason why BUBS Naturals has chosen to sponsor this event. The mission of BUBS Naturals has been overall health and wellness, and this is exactly what the Sandlot Jax Fitness Festival is about. Not only is the festival all about health and wellness, but also serves to promote the value of community and community building. Even more still, it is also an event that is serving the purpose of giving back to the community. It actively works as a fundraiser for such organizations as the YMCA, Wounded Warrior Project, the Green Beret Foundation, and others. Plus - you can grab some BUBS Brew with Rich Froning’s Buffalo Brew Coffee. Then make sure you hear what some of BUBS Friends of the Brand have to say; Melissa Urban, Miranda Alcaraz, Jason Khalipa, and Mike Vallely are all speaking that weekend. If you are someone who is passionate about health and wellness, wants to build community, and give back to great organizations, this is an event for you.

How to Find Out More

There is a chance that those in your local fitness community may already know about this event, and be able to inform you on what is going down. However, if you are interested in doing your own thorough research (we like your style) on this event you can check out the event yourself. If you are invested in reading up on the event blogs to get more personal and detailed information on the hosts and various things to expect you can look into that here: This is not an event that you are going to want to miss. Fitness, food, community, and a whole weekend of fun. The Sandlot Jax Fitness Festival is going to be an unmissable event that has the potential to become highly recognized in the fitness community. Now more than ever, there is a need to get out there and connect with others. So go get your passes already before they are all gone! If you really care about the mission of the event, and are a health and fitness enthusiast yourself, get involved and feel free to volunteer! If you’ve gotten to the end of the blog, then you know you are interested! Go spend time in the sun, get fit, and eat well!