blog The Elusive Fountain of Youth Ain’t So Elusive After All

The Elusive Fountain of Youth Ain’t So Elusive After All

Jessica Danger

over 1 year ago

Glen “BUB” Doherty chased a lot of things: adrenaline, challenge, stoke. But he also chased the proverbial fountain of youth.

So, it’s only fitting that BUBS, the collagen company named in his honor, would be the ones to find it.

We already know that BUBS collagen is great for you. We’ve staked that claim. It’s good for your gut, for your skin, and for your immune system. We’ve always known this, that’s one of the reasons we’ve always joked that BUBS collagen is our secret fountain of youth. 

Turns out, calling something the fountain of youth is catchy, so catchy that it kinda became a thing.

Introducing the actual Fountain of Youth aka the BUBS Beauty Formula with Maqui Berry. 

Why would a company founded after a Navy SEAL mess around with a beauty formula?

Simple, the BUBS Naturals Fountain of Youth is a powerful combo of collagen protein and Vitamin C (1,000 mg of organic vitamin C per serving to be exact) to help keep that immune system as strong as possible. We round out this delicious formula with some of our MCT oil powder to help speed up the delivery of all those high-quality ingredients. Thanks to the winning combo that is the magic of collagen, MCT oil, and vitamin C you’ve got everything you need for hair, skin, nails and gut health and a stronger immune system to boot.

BUBS Fountain of Youth also contains two types of B vitamins - pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and biotin (vitamin B7) - for a formula that is as delicious as it is potent, in the form of biotin and pantothenic acid. In addition to aiding in the metabolism of fatty acid, glucose, and other amino acids in the body, biotin supplementation supports healthy hair and nail growth, with some studies even linking it to reduced hair loss. Like biotin, pantothenic acid supports a number of metabolic functions, including the production of collagen and elastin -- the fibers responsible for structure and elasticity of your skin, hair, and nails.

High in antioxidants, the maqui berry has the highest Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) of any known berry, making it a powerful weapon against skin damage, protecting and boosting collagen production, supporting healthy heart function, reinforcing immunity by reducing inflammation and free radical damage, and improving exercise recovery time.

BUBS Fountain of Youth Formula packs a healthy dose of the amino acid Glutamine to help heal and seal the intestinal lining and protect your skin from rashes, acne, eczema, and other leaky gut related skin issues. The Fountain of Youth, like our other core products, supports joint health and gut health, all while keeping you looking fresh and youthful, making it the all-in-one nourishing supplement you didn’t know you needed.

Bip. Bap. Boom. Fountain of Youth.

And for all you lovelies that don’t drink coffee (I mean, really though. Does this exist? I’m not entirely sold.) you can mix the deliciousness that is the maqui berry flavor Fountain of Youth into water, tea, juice, or double down on that collagen with a protein shake or a smoothie. The more the merrier.

There you have it, the Fountain of Youth. Get out there and chase after it, whether “it” is gainz, stoke, better skin and hair, or all of it.