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blog St. Patrick's Day Mint Mojito

St. Patrick's Day Mint Mojito

Lexie Sandvig

about 1 month ago

This St. Patrick's Day, skip the heavy drinks and indulge in a refreshing and hydrating Mint Mojito Mocktail that not only quenches your thirst but also boosts your overall hydration levels, thanks to BUBS Naturals Organic Coconut Hydrate or Die. Whether you're celebrating with friends or enjoying a quiet Sunday doing yard work, this non-alcoholic treat is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the festivities while keeping their health in check. 

Mint Mojito Mocktail Featuring BUBS Naturals Organic Coconut Hydrate or Die

BUBS Naturals Hydrate or Die Mojito


  • 2 glasses, 10oz or more

  • A few large pieces of ice


  • 1 Packet of BUBS Naturals Organic Coconut Hydrate or Die

  • 8 Medium cucumber slices

  • 8 Medium mint leaves

  • 1 oz of lime juice

  • 16 oz of water

  • Some extra mint leaves, cucumber slices, and lime wedges for garnish


1. Muddle Your Way to Flavor: Begin by muddling 8 medium cucumber slices, 8 mint leaves, and 1 oz of lime juice in a sturdy glass. This step is crucial for infusing the water with a burst of freshness and zesty flavors that are synonymous with a classic Mojito.

2. Strain and Prepare the Glasses: Strain the muddled mixture to remove the solids, then evenly pour half of the liquid over large pieces of ice in each of your mocktail glasses. This chilled base will set the perfect stage for our hydrating hero - BUBS Naturals Organic Coconut Hydrate or Die.

3. Mix in the Magic of Hydration: In a small pitcher or our favorite, a Blender Bottle, stir together one packet of BUBS Naturals Organic Coconut Hydrate or Die with 16 oz of water. This not only adds a hydrating component to your mocktail but also introduces a delightful sweet and salty hit of refreshing organic coconut water + Pink Himalayan Salt. 

4. Combine and Garnish: Pour 8 oz of the Organic Coconut Hydrate mixture into each mocktail glass, marrying it with the muddled liquid already awaiting.

5. Personalize Your Garnish: Now for the fun part - garnishing. Add a lime wedge, mint, and cucumber slices to each glass as you please. This not only makes your drink Instagram-worthy but also adds an extra punch of flavor with every sip.

This St. Patrick's Day, embrace a healthier celebration with our Mint Mojito Mocktail featuring BUBS Naturals Organic Coconut Hydrate or Die. It's the perfect way to stay hydrated, refreshed, and in the festive spirit, without any of the downsides of alcohol. Here's to a day filled with luck, wellness, and delicious hydration!