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blog Loving Your Skin This Summer

Loving Your Skin This Summer

Jessica Danger

over 2 years ago

 Do you have plans to spend all summer basking in the sunshine? Are you jumping on the next flight out to the coast? Are the mountains calling? Is the fam finally getting together for an overdue reunion? 

No matter what is in store for you this summer, hopefully some vitamin D brought to you by sunshine is in the works for you. Heaven knows many Americans spent most of last summer abiding by the stay at home orders and unless you were one of the lucky ones to have a pool in your backyard, it’s likely you didn’t get the tan you were hoping for. But that’s all about to change. 

It’s time we talk a little about skincare, and not just regular skincare, but summer skincare, from sun protection to wearing masks in the summer heat to keeping your skin hydrated especially in the unfortunate case of a sunburn. With a couple tricks up your sleeve - from collagen to aloe vera to plain old water - flawless summer skin is as achievable as ever.

Summer Skincare 101 


So recently there’s been a bit of a hullabaloo surrounding sunscreen and whether or not it’s safe for the body, and while it’s entirely up to you whether or not you’ll be using sunscreen this summer, we found Dr. Jennifer Linn’s comments on the safety of sunscreen to be quite convincing. In addition to preventing both skin cancer and the aging effects of the sun, the Harvard Medical doctor assures that the nanoparticles used in the physical blockers in sunscreen “have not been shown to penetrate beyond the level of the skin and migrate into the bloodstream, which means that they are unlikely to create health risks.” So if sunbathing is in your future, be sure to stock up on sunscreen to keep sunburn at bay. 

Sunburn relief 

Sunburn happens. And while it’s best to take preventative methods to avoid it in the first place, when those UV rays get the better of you it’s helpful to know what to do to ease discomfort and promote healing. 

  • Drink a ton of water - Sunburn pulls the moisture right out of your skin, so drinking additional water can help keep your body from becoming dehydrated. 

  • Try using aloe - Especially if you keep it stored in the fridge, aloe vera gel can provide a pleasant cooling sensation to red hot skin, as well as promote healing and lessen peeling. 

  • Opt for collagen - Collagen’s top benefits include hydration of the skin, so when the sun’s dried you out, make sure you’re including collagen to replenish hydration from the inside out. Plus, with the combination of biotin’s and collagen’s skin-healing properties as found in The Fountain of Youth Formula, you can provide additional support to your recovering skin.

  • Give it a rest - While you might want to go right back into the sun as soon as the pain recedes, it’s wise to give your skin a couple of days to recover from sunburn. After all, the newly healed skin is still fresh and vulnerable, meaning it’s more susceptible to sunburn than before. 

Summer “maskne”  

While wearing face masks during the winter time probably protected the skin on our cheeks and lips from getting ultra chapped, as well as provided a little extra unexpected warmth, wearing masks during the sweltering heat of the summer probably won’t provide the same amount of comfort. Unfortunately, sweaty skin beneath cotton masks is a battlefield we’ll have to learn to navigate, but these tips might help us get the upper hand on summer maskne: 

  • Don’t wear makeup - Makeup tends to clog pores anyways, so add that to the stuffy environment of a mask and it’s a recipe for an acne minefield. Especially if you’re wearing a mask for long hours, just skip foundation.

  • Wash your mask after every use - Now that masks are a fashion staple, most have invested in a reusable mask in order to minimize plastic waste and save a little money. With reusable masks comes the necessity of washing it after every use. Making sure you toss your masks into the laundry after each use is one of the easiest ways to kill bacteria and prevent breakouts. 

  • Get a silk mask - Silk already is a valued material in the beauty sphere, so it’s no surprise that silk masks are a great option for sensitive skin. According to dermatologist Dr. Sobel, “Silk is cooling, naturally hypoallergenic, and tends to absorb less moisture than cotton, so it won't dry out your skin.” In addition, one hundred percent silk won’t clog pores, an added benefit for those who battle acne-prone skin. 

Rejuvenating masks 

Switching gears here, we’re not talking about cloth face masks, we’re talking about skincare masks, made with rich ingredients meant to cleanse, brighten and hydrate the skin. These are a great way to give your skin some love whether you spent all day out in the sun or suffocating it underneath a mask. For optimal skin lovin’, steer clear of store bought masks that contain nasties like sulfates and parabens, or make your own DIY masks with the purest ingredients your pantry has to offer.

Skincare from the inside out

Taking good care of your skin starts with what you put into your body and ends with how you care for it on the outside. To prevent inflammation, boost hydration and keep it as clear and glowing as possible, drinking plenty of water every day is step one. Step two is mixing two scoops of BUBS Naturals Collagen Protein Powder or The Fountain of Youth Formula into one of your glasses of water to give added nutrients and proteins to your skin (and entire body). And step three is all those external treatments - applying sunscreen, keeping those cloth masks clean and bacteria-free, and exfoliating, moisturizing, cleansing and toning with facial masks when you need that extra TLC.