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blog Kenny Santucci on Being the Best Version of Yourself

Kenny Santucci on Being the Best Version of Yourself

TJ Ferrara

over 2 years ago

Our life experiences shape us into who we are. These experiences consist of so many things, but the one aspect that contributes the most is arguably the people. Often, these people instill in us many different ideas and ways of living that can direct our path in life. Of all the ideas about how to live one’s life, one that is frequently mentioned is the idea of living in service to others or, in a sense, living a selfless life. The issue that often comes up with this ideology is that people fall short of knowing how to properly do this. This is why people like Kenny Santucci are making an effort to live for others the right way.

Kenny’s Life

Kenny was raised in New Jersey with all the love and food of an Italian family. Because the family culture was so deeply rooted in the masses of food eaten, Kenny found himself dealing with insecurities about his weight. He was unsure as to why there was such a difference between his weight compared to other kids around him, but in time he learned he could actually make changes in his life to be healthier. When he got to high school he became invested in sports. He thought it would be best to join the football team, finding himself impressed by the skill that went into the sport and felt he could prosper there. However, after overhearing the announcements about the wrestling team, he changed his mind. Having always loved big-name wrestlers that he had watched on television, joining the team was a great opportunity. The investment in wrestling ultimately led him to want to imitate the men he admired so much, and as a young person, wanted to look like them. This led to his deeper dive into bodybuilding and the world of fitness and health, starting his journey towards self-improvement.

The Effects of Other’s Actions

In 2019, Santucci’s father passed away. He had lived a rather unhealthy life, seeing such things as working out as a form of punishment, rather than an experience of enjoyment. Kenny believes his father’s way of living was ultimately selfish in that he lived his life not eating right, not exercising, and not being disciplined. His father indulged in all he wanted, regardless as to whether or not that affected those around him. Kenny can recall having to constantly drive to the hospital because his father was constantly in the middle of some sort of health crisis. He can see clearly how his father’s choice to live a certain way had a ripple effect. Regardless of his intentions, Kenny, his siblings, his aunts and uncles, and especially his mother were deeply affected by Kenny’s father. Much of Kenny’s knowledge about how to live was gained by watching all his father had done wrong. From his observations, he was able to make a shift in his life. From those observations, he learned how to truly live for others and understand how your actions affect those around you.

Living For Yourself, For Others

When Kenny was considering becoming a firefighter, an instructor had told him that to take care of others you need to be in your best shape and state. People may observe it as selfish to be so focused on taking care of yourself, but the reality is that it can really be an opportunity for helping others in an honest way. In fact, simply making efforts to improve your life can become a contagious thing in the best way. Kenny’s mother has since become a lover of the CrossFit world, and has become actively involved in living a healthier life. She has grown a community, and has even had the affirmation of realizing her heart was stronger than it has ever been at the age of 70. All through Kenny’s work he was able to encourage not just his mother but his family as well, creating a healthy and important shift towards self-care. Kenny has seen time and again how important it is to take care of yourself, not just so you can have a better quality of life, but to help those around you.

Make the Changes

Kenny holds on firm belief and understanding that being your best self is the ultimate pursuit. As he has spent time figuring out how to improve his own life in every way he can, he has come up with fairly concrete ways of living life. He feels people often look for a way to improve but few desire to put in the necessary work and instead tend towards a quick fix option, which doesn’t work. He believes that the words you say, what you do, how you behave, and all aspects of how you present yourself can affect everyone around for the better, beyond just being a living example. You no longer operate as part of the problem, or as a stressor in your family or circle of friends. You’re contributing to the peace people crave. If you want to see Kenny talk more about his life and experiences, check out the IG Live BUBS Naturals had with him a few weeks ago. Kenny feels self-care is largely impacted by what you do and the lifestyle you live. Eating the right food and utilizing quality supplements like those at BUBS Naturals is a great start. Becoming active and engaging in exercise is important. In time, as you make your own health and well-being in all ways a priority, you may get the chance to see the shifts happen in the lives of those around you.