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blog The Foundation of Our Being

The Foundation of Our Being

TJ Ferrara

almost 2 years ago

So many aspects of life and how society is structured serve the purpose of encouraging people to care for themselves. Our education, the guidance of our parents, and the wisdom of the elderly all help guide us to make wise choices and have prudent considerations. How is it then, that something as basic as nutrition has become so easily overlooked?

Fortunately, there are a number of people who recognize food as more than just a means of pleasure. Among these people, Jeff Nichols has become a prominent voice to many, speaking on behalf of this overlooked reality. Both his life and his natural inclination towards improvement have allowed him to dive deep into the understanding of nutrition and just how important food is to the foundation of our being.

Born and Raised Country

Jeff Nichols grew up in what he describes as a “very country” area of eastern Iowa on a dirt road. Farming, gardening, and all the things that go into that sort of life were by no means unfamiliar to the life Jeff was raised in. There was a simplicity to it, however, there was not enough appeal to life for Jeff.

Fitness and exercise were always a part of Jeff’s life, as he had started working out at the age of 12. Jeff had gone to college and spent time working as a strength coach during those years as well, keeping fitness a regular part of his life. Even beyond that still, he went on to join the Navy and stayed there for 11 years.

During his time in the navy and while working as a trainer, Jeff had been able to see what the human body is capable of and his curiosity of human potential only grew. Even his approach to the Seals was based on how he could optimally train for it. “I’ve always been a math person,” Jeff explains, and he’s utilized that ability to figure out just how to improve various aspects of himself and others.

The Basics of Nutrition

Jeff can recall having been sat down at the table with whatever was being served that day and having to eat it. “My entire life has been ‘eat this,’” Jeff explains in an interview with BUBS Naturals. It did not matter if you had slight allergies to certain food or food sensitivities, you ate it. Jeff knows this is how life went for so many people.

Jeff is passionate about the care and intentionality that goes into eating well and eating right; however, he is stumped by the fact we are so far behind the reality of how important our nutrition is. “We understand we are a product of our environment,” Jeff explains. “We breathe. We eat…We drink.” Jeff feels these building blocks of our well-being are completely disregarded by so many people, even by those who work in the health industry.

He expressed feeling confused by the fact there is not some basic and specific instruction on well-being. Whether it be the food we eat, or how we listen to our body and read the signs of what our body is trying to say. Simply realizing how you feel after eating something can teach you a lot.

From the Right Source

Jeff has come to learn that a key contributing factor to the quality of ingredients used for a meal is sourcing. He gets the best cuts of meat and freshest vegetables possible because he recognizes a simple approach. “We’re looking at the density of nutrients,” he explains. “If a company is saying this is a health product, the first thing I’m gonna ask is where is it sourced from.”

This is part of the reason Jeff speaks to the value of BUBS Naturals Collagen. “If anyone makes a better collagen than BUBS, that’s the one we’re gonna be talking about,” says Jeff. When it comes to collagen, Jeff explains how if the cows from which the collagen is sourced are fed right, treated well, and the passion behind the production is there, the collagen will be optimal.

“The closer you start looking at the truth, the closer you start getting to natural,” Jeff explains. “When what I’m putting into my body…[is] the closest thing to the natural state, I know this body is going to take it better than anything else.” The topic of nutrition is important to Jeff, but he has made it a point to share that importance with those he encounters.

Unlearned and Informed

The careless approach to eating is something Jeff has integrated out of his life and has taken the time to learn what he can about eating right and eating well. He recognizes it can be expensive, however, he has made an important observation: “People won’t blink an eye with a thousand dollar car bill or 1200 dollars or 1500 dollars or 2000 dollar lease on their fucking car they don’t even own, but yet, they won’t spend 200 at a grocery store.”

“I want to enjoy the world with nice things,” explains Jeff. “But I want to do that with a healthy body.” Between what he has observed about food and well-being, he does not get why there is not more of an urgency to get people informed and educated. He believes the choice of what we eat and how we eat plays a role beyond our own well-being as well. “Be good to yourself so you learn to be good to others,” explains Jeff. It really starts acknowledging and taking care of the foundations of our being. It starts with food.