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blog Discovering Your “Why” in the World of Fitness with Chris Spealler

Discovering Your “Why” in the World of Fitness with Chris Spealler

Sean Lake

about 2 years ago

Sometimes waking up in the morning requires some big motivation if it is actually going to happen. Everything from small menial tasks to larger challenges requires some encouraging drive. Not everyone appreciates or enjoys having to tap into this motivation, and those who are regularly attending the gym are no strangers to this. Anyone who has been in the world of fitness for a while knows the ongoing challenge of pushing past obstacles and clearing figurative hurdles. Each day in the gym or in the process of making lifestyle changes can present a different struggle. However, those who have been at it for a bit longer can often speak to getting to a point where their initial driving factor, whatever it is, becomes less motivating. People like Chris Spealler, a well-known CrossFitter, gym owner, personal trainer, and masters athlete legend talks about just this. How it is that so often the motivation for many people when entering fitness just doesn’t stay consistent for so many people and how there are maybe even some motivations that are wrong. Let’s take a deeper dive into motivation and the forms it often takes in the gym.

Some Typical Forms of Fitness Motivation

Most people getting into the world of fitness are often coming from a place of being unhappy with their bodies. And often, those in this position are driven by wanting to look good. However, aspects of our bodies change with time and you can only do so much to retain an esthetic appearance. In the long-term, looking good and being aesthetic, ultimately yields nothing more than just that. For some people, it is not just about their image, but an issue of being the best. Perhaps it is being the leanest or biggest. Maybe they want to be the strongest person they know. Maybe they want to be able to run longer than anyone. Whatever it is, these can be great goals sometimes, especially because they can give you something a bit more specific to work towards. However, this often requires incredible demand on the body, and depending on the goal, your health can go completely ignored. At a certain point, maybe earlier on or maybe later, you’ll realize just how much time was wasted on something that did not truly add to your life. One key motivator is simply just being healthier for the sake of being healthier. Maybe you just want to avoid chronic health conditions that often come with an unhealthy lifestyle. This is definitely not a bad choice, but the nature of humans often requires a stronger motivator. Pursuing health for the sake of your health requires a profound level of personal responsibility and a strong desire for personal health. This just isn’t something everyone has access to.

Where to Find Your Motivation

Having a healthy number of years under his belt, Chris Spealler highlights what he believes to be the key motivator in the long run. It’s not looking good naked, it’s not being able to squat a ridiculous amount of weight. What Spealler highlights is the benefit of placing your motivator in how working out and a healthy lifestyle add to your life. In essence, the most important thing is finding motivation in the experiences you want to have. As a father, Chris Spealler believes being able to go skiing and surfing with his kids is crucial not just for him, but for his kids as well. To be able to actively participate in the things his kids are doing well into his later years in life. So instead of placing your drive in some vain pursuit that just won’t last, you need to think about how exercising, going to the gym, eating well, hiking and swimming, and ultimately using your body can add to your life. Don’t make your life all about the hour or two hours spent in the gym. Figure out how you want it to be a tool to add to your life and improve your experience. Maybe it adds to your community, or time with your family. Maybe it gives you a chance to experience the world in a whole new way. Find that experience you are wanting, and then use fitness to add to it.

How to Start

Getting into the swing of things is a challenge and when it comes to healthy living there is no exception. It is helpful to have some sort of structure and guidance when it comes down to it, otherwise you may very well get caught up in making your life about your time in the gym. Getting onto some sort of program, like the one that Chris Spealler offers, can provide you with personalized guidance and instruction. Alterations to your diet are critical when taking on a healthier and enriched life. To maximize your performance in the gym, taking supplements such as collagen can be super helpful for the joints. If you check out BUBS Naturals, there are a few different supplements you can take, all of which will only add to your experience and improve your gym performance. Once you’ve found all the ways fitness can add to your life, you’ll discover you’ve found the right motivation to get you going each day at the gym.