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blog From Travel Tales to Fitness Trail - An Instagram Live with Eric Hinman

From Travel Tales to Fitness Trail - An Instagram Live with Eric Hinman

Lexie Sandvig

7 months ago

Imagine this: two fitness enthusiasts, BUBS Naturals co-founder Sean Lake, and Ironman competitor Eric Hinman, sharing a conversation together on Instagram Live. They dove deep into tales of travel, fitness, and top-notch nutrition. 

Jet-setting Journeys:

Sean kicked things off with a recollection of his recent time in Venice. Picture gondolas, romantic canals, and the timeless charm of Italy. But wait, there's more! He then jetted off to Croatia for a friend's wedding. And not just any wedding – he was the officiant! Eric chimed in about Croatia's allure and his own recent adventures in Kauai with the Hawaiian Trail Run. The duo agreed: nothing beats the energy boost from fresh, local food when you're exploring new places.

Ironman Insights:

Eric then took us down memory lane, reminiscing about his early Ironman days. Surprisingly, during those intense races, electrolytes weren't on his radar. Sure, there were drinks like Gatorade on the course, but outside of that? Not much. It was only when he started intense sauna sessions a few years later that he felt the cramps and thought, "Hmm, maybe I need some electrolytes in my life."

Electrolyte Epiphanies:

Speaking of electrolytes, Sean had some thoughts. He side-eyed some brands with their long list of ingredients and posed a question: "Why have 14 ingredients when you can do the job with just four to six?" Sean's Hydrate or Die recipe? Organic evaporated coconut water and Himalayan salt. Simple, effective, and no bloating! Eric nodded in agreement, sharing his hydration routine, especially after sauna sessions. He's all about balance – not too sugary, not too salty. 

Collagen Chronicles:

Now, let's talk collagen. Eric, with his active lifestyle (and let's admit, fabulous hair), swears by it. He credits collagen for keeping him on his feet, injury-free, and ready for the next adventure. Sean, having been introduced to collagen by his wife, quickly noticed its wonders – from improved joint health to rapid nail growth. Both agreed on its transformative effects, with Eric particularly highlighting its role in his fitness journey. 


As their chat wound down, the duo's passion was evident. Whether it was Sean's commitment to quality products or Eric's dedication to health and well-being, their conversation was a testament to living life to the fullest. From travel tales to fitness trails, it was a ride worth remembering. Interested in hearing more, watch the live for yourself!

Here are some of our favorite quotes from their conversation:

  • "And in 2017, my wife bought me a jar of collagen off of Amazon. She's like, oh, here, you should try this stuff. I hear it's really good for your joints. And she's like, you're not getting any younger and I need to preserve you in your old age." - Sean

  • "I found myself at 27 at over 200 pounds, pretty soft with a little gut, and the personal trainer got me back into aesthetically good looking shape. And from there started running again. And then a bunch of my friends had these fancy bikes that had four handlebars on them, and I was really intrigued by the bike." - Eric

  • "Actually, I have this reel that went viral about a year ago where I'm steaming getting into the ice barrel because it's so cold outside and my body temperature is so hot and I had a ton of people comment like, that's hot water. It looks like it's steam coming out of there, but it's just my body temperature." - Eric