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blog Eight Things You Should Know About MCT Oil

Eight Things You Should Know About MCT Oil

Sean Lake

over 2 years ago

You know what’s fun? Trivia night, or nowadays what we call Zoom Trivia Night. Nothing beats starting off a sentence with, “Fun fact” or the ever famous, “Did you know…” Nothing. Well, except maybe being the one that feeds those fun facts and dontcha knows.

On that note, may we present: Eight Things You Should Know About MCT Oil. 

What is MCT Oil? 

MCT Oil Powder is awesome. BUBS MCT Oil Powder is a powerful ketogenic oil that can help you gain increased mental focus, helps curb appetite and sugar cravings, and supports your gut health. BUBS MCT Oil Powder is a perfectly balanced mix of capra fatty acids with 70% C-08 Caprylic Acid and 30% C-10 Capric Acid. (For you non-sciencey folk, that's a great ratio.) BUBS MCT Oil Powder is able to skip the line at the digestive tract and go straight into the liver, jump-starting you with a surge of clean, non-jittery energy coupled with increased focus and mental clarity that can be felt almost immediately.

What is MCT Oil made of?

It's so fresh and so clean. BUBS MCT Oil Powder is made from MCT Oil that’s been extracted from 100% sustainably sourced virgin coconut oil. Then, to make it into a powder, the MCT oil is absorbed into high-quality non-GMO tapioca starch and spray-dried. Just like our collagen, BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder is an ultralight powder that is soluble in both hot or cold liquids and can easily be incorporated into baked goods, mixed into smoothies, and whipped into coffee giving you a rich and smooth texture, without ever tasting “fatty”.

Which is better, MCT Oil or MCT Oil Powder? 

It’s no secret that we here at BUBS Naturals prefer the MCT Oil Powder over the MCT Oil. MCT Oil is messy. It’s hard to take on the road with you and let's face it, it doesn’t taste great. Since BUBS MCT Oil Powder is made from MCT Oil extracted from 100% sustainably sourced virgin coconut oil and then spray dried into a powder, you can add it to almost anything. The MCT Oil Powder is a portable and convenient way to add MCT Oil to your diet, without having to plug your nose and chug.

Will MCT Oil Powder make you smarter? 

Well, that's what we like to tell ourselves. But really, because our brains are incapable of storing fuel, they require a constant supply of energy to maintain peak performance. The ketones from the C-08 in BUBS MCT Oil Powder are capable of quickly moving past the blood-brain barrier to fuel your brain efficiently. Studies have shown that increased blood ketone levels can help slow down and, in some cases, even reverse memory loss and cognitive impairment. In short, C-08 is not only a perfect snack for your brain, but it may also boost memory and protect cognitive function. Taking BUBS MCT Oil Powder feels like upgrading your brain from a Prius to a Tesla.

Is MCT Oil good for Keto?

Sure is, but that’s also because it’s good for all diets. But MCT Oil Powder can help minimize the side effects of a Keto diet. Most people can benefit from adding BUBS MCT Oil powder to their diet, regardless of whether or not they are following a Ketogenic Diet. The benefits of MCT Oil are available to everyone willing to give BUBS MCT Oil Powder a try. There just there, yours for the taking. So take em.

When should I consume MCT Oil?

All of the BUBS Naturals products are made to fit your busy schedule and can be taken at the most convenient time for you. You can add BUBS MCT Oil Powder to your morning coffee, to your pre-workout, or in the afternoon to throat punch that infamous 3:00 PM slump. As with any supplements, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. We suggest you start by adding one (scoop) to your coffee, tea, smoothie or any other beverage of your liking.

Will MCT Oil make me gain weight?

No, in fact, research shows that BUBS MCT Oil Powder can actually aid your weight loss journey. Because the MCT is used up as energy almost immediately, just like your paycheck sometimes come Monday, your body is less likely to store it as body fat. MCT consumption can also help control appetite by promoting a sense of fullness and even boost your metabolism, helping you burn fat and calories at a more efficient rate.

Will MCT Oil make me poop?

Spoiler alert- anything you put in your body makes you poop. That’s just a body being a body. MCT Oil is no more of a laxative than any other oil, meaning that when consumed at too high a dose, it can cause digestive disturbances. But unlike other oils, BUBS MCT Oil Powder may actually help improve digestive health, by improving the health of your gut bacteria which aid in the digestion of nutrients. In addition, MCT Oil supplementation is recommended for those with certain gastrointestinal disorders, since they are the easiest oil to digest and absorb.