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blog To Be Healthy

To Be Healthy

Sean Lake

almost 2 years ago

It’s all over social media. New ideas on healthy eating, exercise videos, and creative ways to make it easier to change your habits are at our fingertips. Despite there being so much access to information and exposure to new ideas, people continue to struggle to implement healthier habits into their lives. This shows that there is clearly a need for some sort of accountability and motivation to help people get into the right habits and maintain them. Though there are so many different strategies and opinions, sometimes the life changes we need to make are so numerous we may not know where to start or how to begin. Many people can attest to finding that motivation and trying to get started and then becoming discouraged all too quickly. Fortunately, people like Dylan Barbour saw this same pattern of struggle and a way in which to mend it.

Basketball, Banking, and Bad Habits

Dylan Barbour is from Orange County in California. Components of fitness were familiar to him as he has a background in football and track. He is happy his time with football is over, and though he no longer competes in that type of setting he has found interest in being an “avid pickup basketball player” as he explains in an interview with BUBS Naturals. He attended school at Williams College In Massachusetts, and naturally, this led to him getting into banking. His time in banking eventually led to him working at Morgan Stanley and the time he had then was not entirely pleasant. The main issue Dylan was encountering was essentially a bad routine of poor habits. Dylan explains how he was essentially stuck in a routine of habits that were not important or helpful to him. Like many people, while he was able to be consistent with exercise, his approach was very misguided. Dylan used to work out seven days a week, and while this is not terrible, he failed to allow himself to recover by both not eating correctly and failing to get the sleep he needed. It was in this place of just not being well physically and mentally that he realized he needed to make a change. Many areas of his life were questioned. Ultimately, these questions were huge contributors to making the change in his life that he needed and taking those changes to find a way to help others.

Making an Impact

Everyone has something that inspires their change. For Dylan, much of it was the realization that banking was not for him. “I think that was a big portion of it,” he explains, emphasizing how this really was a huge contributor to his unhealthy lifestyle. After his cousin, Sam, presented him with an idea to improve the lives of many others, Dylan’s cogs began to turn. The more he dived into the idea of an app to provide so many people with the help he knew he would have benefited from the more he realized its potential. “I have the ability to essentially impact community health, my physical health, my mental health, and even support local communities,” he explains. While their business continued to grow and take form, he explains that their focus was initially on fitness. Moving and working the body is obviously key to our well-being, and it is one of the key places people find themselves needing a lot of motivation. From there, other considerations have been explored and considered for implementation. This is not just a standard app that gives motivational guidance and direction to your fitness and health. The core concept of the app is that every day you work out, you can donate a meal to the needy. Because the app, called Vizer, works with so many different businesses all true to their passion for creating a healthier society, businesses are giving more traffic to their product, and people are given more options to try out different products all catering to their health. This is why he’s partnered with BUBS Naturals for the introduction of their collagen and to provide exposure to such a quality product. Dylan explains that the idea is you help the community or social cause and you get something for yourself. In addition to this, the app gives exposure to other brands that care about health and whose actions speak to their values. In a way, the app almost comes full circle in how it operates.

Shaping the Understanding of Health

“This set us on the journey to ‘what does it mean to be healthy?’” Explains Dylan. “It seems like it changes every couple of months.” One thing that Dylan can take away from modern-day information with confidence is that “there are so many determinants of health.” Vizer takes this reality to heart and so they implement strategies to give people the best guidance available on how to manage their health. “People are starting to really care about what they are putting into their body and mental health,” explains Dylan. With that in mind, it is apparent that there is a need for guidance on the best ways to get a handle on one’s life. Their goal is to optimize people’s well-being. Their intention is to provide different outlets and options and guidance. As of late, the biggest focus has been the food we eat. “Changing the way people eat is really exciting,” explains Dylan. His passion and care for others are clear, and the modern-day continues to need such persons that can give the average person their needed guidance to know what it is to be healthy.