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blog Matt Chan - The Cult of Rec Podcast, Episode 8

Matt Chan - The Cult of Rec Podcast, Episode 8

Kolby Seemann

26 days ago

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In the latest episode of the "Cult of Recreationalism" podcast, hosts Sean Lake and Nathan Morris sit down with Matt Chan, a figure celebrated not just for his athletic prowess but for his holistic approach to fitness and life. Matt, a seasoned firefighter, CrossFit icon, and Titan Games Season 2 champion, delves into the essence of recreation and its transformative power.

Recreation as a Lifestyle

Matt opens the episode by highlighting how recreation has shaped his recent endeavors, saying, "Recreation has been the biggest thing for me in the last little bit. So some of that stuff is in the past, but absolutely, positively, I'm proud of all of it." His journey through various physical disciplines isn't just about achievement but about the joy and growth they bring. This perspective is deeply embedded in his current ventures, especially with "Train for the Win," a program designed with his wife, Sheree, to foster sustainable fitness practices.

A Transition from Competition to Recreation

Despite his competitive history, Matt's focus has shifted towards enjoying the outdoors and maintaining a robust health profile. His conversation with Sean about potential ski trips and the vivid recounting of past snowy adventures not only paints a picture of his love for the mountains but also underscores a broader shift towards enjoying these passions sustainably.

The Philosophy of "Train for the Win"

Perhaps most illuminating is Matt's philosophy behind "Train for the Win." He describes it as a program that balances intense CrossFit sessions with more sustainable, less intense exercises. Matt explains, "Everything doesn't need to be high intensity to have value," a mantra that resonates throughout the podcast. This approach aims to support long-term health and enjoyment of fitness, contrasting sharply with the burnout often seen in high-intensity sports cultures.

Future Adventures and Sustaining Passion

Looking ahead, Matt is not slowing down. He shares exciting plans for participating in the Leadville 100 bike race again, and a hiking trip through the Dolomites in Italy. These plans are not just about personal challenges but about continuing to explore and engage with the world in meaningful ways. His strategic approach to training for these events demonstrates a commitment to both his physical and mental well-being.

A Life Built on Varied Foundations

Matt's multifaceted life, from being a firefighter to a fitness coach, and his ventures into television with the Titan Games, reveal a life lived fully and with variety. His story is a powerful reminder of the possibilities that open up when one embraces a life of recreation, wellness, and continuous learning.

Overall, this episode of the Cult of Rec does more than just track the achievements of a fitness icon. It delves into how integral recreation, balance, and continual learning are to living well. Matt Chan's journey and philosophies offer valuable insights not only for fitness enthusiasts but for anyone looking to sustain passion and vigor in all areas of life.