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blog Chris Spealler - The Cult of Rec Podcast, Episode 4

Chris Spealler - The Cult of Rec Podcast, Episode 4

Kolby Seemann

about 2 months ago

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In the latest episode of the Cult of Rec podcast, host Sean Lake sits down with Chris Spealler, an inspiring figure in the fitness community. Spealler's extensive experience, from a celebrated CrossFit athlete to a passionate outdoor enthusiast, makes for an intriguing conversation, offering insights into his life journey and philosophies on fitness and adventure.

A Journey from Competitive Sports to Fitness Innovation

Spealler, a former wrestler and a highly accomplished CrossFit Games athlete, shares his journey from the competitive world of sports to establishing his gym, Park City Fit, in Utah. His story is not just about athletic prowess but also about the evolution of his approach towards fitness.

"I've always seen fitness as a tool to enhance life, especially outdoors," Spealler remarks, highlighting the significance of being fit for life's adventures, not just for competitions.

Park City Fit: A Unique Approach to Fitness

Park City Fit is not your typical gym. As Spealler explains, "We're not just about burning it down every day. It's about building a sustainable approach to fitness." This philosophy is central to his programming, where the focus is on creating routines that prepare individuals for the rigors of outdoor activities and everyday life, rather than just intense gym workouts.

Spealler's approach to fitness is inclusive and adaptable, catering to a wide range of individuals, from the seasoned athlete to the fitness novice. His goal is to enable people to enjoy their passions outside the gym, whether it's mountain biking, skiing, or simply playing with their kids.

Life Beyond the Gym: Embracing the Outdoors

A notable aspect of Spealler's life is his deep connection with outdoor activities. From skiing to mountain biking, his love for nature is evident. "The real joy comes in using your fitness to explore the world around you," he says.

This philosophy extends to his programming at Park City Fit, where workouts are designed to enhance outdoor experiences, rather than just improving gym performance.

Balancing Family and Business

Spealler also touches upon the challenges of balancing his roles as a father, husband, and businessman. He candidly shares the struggles of managing his professional commitments while ensuring he remains present for his family. "It's about finding that balance and making sure you're not just living in the gym," he emphasizes.

A Look at Future Endeavors

As for what's next, Spealler hints at exciting projects in the pipeline, though details remain under wraps. What's clear, however, is his commitment to evolving and innovating in the fitness space.

His influence extends beyond his immediate community, with a large following on social media where he shares his fitness philosophies and outdoor adventures.

Some Powerful Quotes from the Episode

  1. On Exploring Life Beyond the Gym: "Fitness is... to enjoy life, especially when it's outdoors."

  2. On Transitioning in Sports: "It probably took me another three years after finishing competing to really redefine who I was... now I get to enjoy that in the expression of really what it’s there for."

  3. Advice to Fitness Enthusiasts: "Give yourself the permission to explore."

Spealler's journey and insights are a reminder of the broader purpose of fitness. It's not just about how much you can lift or how fast you can run; it's about how fitness integrates into and enhances your life. His approach to blending rigorous gym training with a love for outdoor activities offers a refreshing perspective on what it means to be truly fit. Through his gym, partnerships, and personal philosophy, he demonstrates how fitness can be a gateway to greater adventures, personal growth, and family joy. As we follow his journey, we are reminded of the expansive potential of a life well-lived, both inside and outside the gym.