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blog How BUBS Got Started - The Cult of Rec Podcast, Episode 3

How BUBS Got Started - The Cult of Rec Podcast, Episode 3

Kolby Seemann

21 days ago

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In this episode of the Cult of Rec Podcast, we journey with co-hosts Sean, Johnna, and Nathan into the roots of BUBS Naturals. It’s a tale of serendipity and resilience with an emphasis placed on honor, charity, and quality.

Sean's Intro to Collagen

The foundation of BUBS Naturals started in an unexpected place: with Sean's wife and a jar of collagen. Sean recalls his initial skepticism, followed by a profound realization of the product's benefits. "Heather bought it for me... and I'm like, 'collagen, what seriously?' But then, my fingernails felt like they were growing so fast... I'm the Wolverine," he humorously shares. Co-founder TJ Ferrara learned Sean was taking collagen and pushed Sean to start the company with him. “And I was like, dude, I got a one year old in diapers, like crawling around behind you on the floor. This is a really bad idea,” Sean remarked.

In Memory of Glen “BUB” Doherty

At the heart of BUBS Naturals lies the memory of Glen “BUB” Doherty. Sean vividly describes him as a beacon of inspiration and motivation, "Glen was this larger than life personality... There's always that one [friend] that just shines a little bit brighter than everyone else." This conversation highlights how Glen's legacy not only inspired the company's ethos but also instilled a deeper sense of purpose and commitment in its founders. Sean shared, “Glen would kick your ass if you don't do this. You have to do this. And that was it, man. BUBS Naturals sparked. It was born right there on the spot."

Charity at the Core

An essential part of the BUBS Naturals story is its commitment to charity, a tribute to Glen Doherty. From its inception, BUBS has donated 10% of all profits to military and charitable causes in Glen’s name. This dedication to giving back is not just a corporate responsibility for the team; it’s a deeply personal mission. “If we ever did start a company, we’d have to do something cool for charity," Sean and TJ agreed, anchoring the business in philanthropy.

From Concept to Thriving Business

The podcast delves into the steps taken to transform BUBS Naturals from concept to reality. Key moments, like the accidental discovery of a collagen supplier at a trade show, are shared with humor and detail. “I walk right up to them and I'm like, 'Who's from Peabody around here?'...That was it. We met our supplier accidentally at the trade show,” Sean recounts, illustrating the serendipitous moments in their journey.

A Commitment to Quality

Much of the episode is dedicated to discussing the integrity and quality standards that define BUBS Naturals. The commitment to obtaining third-party accreditation like NSF for Sport and Whole30 Approval speaks to the brand's dedication to offering the best. “We want to play. I want to be able to put BUBS in front of everyone and say, ‘Hey, don’t take my word for it. Do your own research,’” Sean states.

Looking to the Future

As the episode winds down, Sean teases what’s next for BUBS Naturals. Without revealing too much, he hints at new products focusing on longevity and wellness. This aligns with the BUBS mantra, "Live better, longer."

Give Us a Listen

Episode 3 of the Cult of Rec Podcast is more than a business story; it's a narrative that weaves together personal transformation, a tribute to a fallen friend, and a commitment to meaningful standards. It’s a fascinating look into how BUBS Naturals is not just about selling products but about honoring a legacy and impacting lives positively.

Tune in to "How BUBS Got Started" for an enriching story of business acumen, heartfelt tribute, and the profound impact of giving back.