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blog Yeah, We Started a Podcast - The Cult of Rec Podcast, Episode 1

Yeah, We Started a Podcast - The Cult of Rec Podcast, Episode 1

Kolby Seemann

24 days ago

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Join us on Cult of Rec Podcast, where humor intertwines with insightful and powerful stories. Hosted by Nathan Morris, Sean Lake, and Johnna Ward, every episode is a blend of humor, engaging conversations, and an authentic look into the world of fitness, action sports, and business.

The Origin: What is the Cult of Rec?

Our journey began as an idea to switch from Instagram Live sessions to a more engaging and long-lasting medium. We want a place to showcase and cherish memorable conversations with our fascinating friends and community. Sean Lake explains the transition, "You know, we realize over the years at BUBS, like we just know a lot of really interesting, cool people. And so Nathan, you said, 'Hey, Sean, quit doing all the Instagram lives every year. Let's switch to a podcast. And, here we are setting the stage for the Cult of Rec Podcast brought to you by BUBS." This marked the beginning of our adventure into the podcasting world.

Meet your Hosts

Sean Lake, co-founder of BUBS Naturals, is a former professional snowboarder turned entrepreneur. He complements the show with his storytelling prowess and infectious humor, adding depth and laughter to every discussion. His background and experiences contribute a unique perspective to our podcast.

Nathan Morris, the creator of The Cult of Rec Podcast, brings his own flair as a CrossFit gym owner and enthusiast. His insight makes every discussion richer and more engaging. With his characteristic humor, Nathan remarks, "When I was pitching this podcast, the pros were the reach and stories we'd share. The only con was we have to listen to Sean talk more."

Finally, hostess Johnna Ward contributes her extensive knowledge as an endurance specialist and active personality in the fitness community. "Johnna brings a ton of personality to the table and happens to be a bit of an endurance specialist... she’s super active in that space and just knows a ton about say, I don't know, cold therapy and running." says Sean, highlighting her valuable contributions to the podcast.

Unscripted and Full of Surprises

We pride ourselves on the podcast's spontaneity. "We have a ton of cool friends we can bring on," Nathan mentions, highlighting our commitment to sharing compelling and unique moments. With personal stories and professional insights, our guests bring rich, varied experiences. Sean adds, "We're going to talk to cool people. We're going to tell jokes that are hopefully funny. You're going to make fun of me. That's like a guarantee." This blend of unique guests and impromptu chats makes for a podcast that's informative and immensely entertaining.

So, brace yourself for a podcast that's a perfect mix of insightful discussion, spontaneous banter, and lots of fun. With Nathan's savvy, Sean's charm, and Johnna's expertise, The BUBS Cult of Rec Podcast offers more than just entertainment – it's an experience. Join us on this journey of laughter and learning, and maybe find a surprise or two along the way!

Stay tuned, laugh, learn, and keep the good vibes rolling!