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blog Elevating Your Camping Adventures with French Press Coffee

Elevating Your Camping Adventures with French Press Coffee

Kolby Seemann

20 days ago

When you're camping, there's nothing like starting your day with a good cup of coffee. It's all about the simple pleasures: waking up in your tent, boiling water over a camp stove, and then pressing a fresh batch of coffee with your trusty French press. That's where BUBS Brew comes in – it's the perfect coffee to kickstart a day in the great outdoors.

At BUBS Naturals, we get that camping is about simplicity and getting back to basics. That's why we love the French press method for brewing in the wild. It's easy to use, even when you're miles away from your kitchen. And when it comes to the coffee itself, BUBS Brew is a great choice. Whether it's our bold Challenger roast from Mexico, our fruity Wanted roast, or the smooth Origin blend, each one is a great match for the straightforward, no-fuss nature of French press and camping.

So, whether you're watching the sunrise over a mountain or just enjoying the peace of the wilderness, a cup of BUBS Brew coffee is your perfect camping companion. It's not just about the coffee – it's about making your camping mornings better.

The French press is a beloved method among coffee aficionados for its ability to brew a rich, robust cup. The best coffee for a French press is one that complements its full-bodied extraction method. BUBS Brew, known for its quality beans and flavor profiles, is an excellent choice for those looking to master the French press method.

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Qualities of Coffee Suited for French Press

  1. Bean Quality: High-quality beans are essential. BUBS Brew offers a selection of premium beans that bring depth and complexity to the French press brewing method.

  2. Roast Level: Medium to dark roasts are typically preferred for French press, as they provide a fuller body and richer flavor that this method extracts so well.

  3. Freshness: Fresh beans mean more aromatic and flavorful coffee. The freshness of the roast enhances the overall taste profile when brewed in a French press.

Why BUBS Brew is Ideal for French Press

  1. The Challenger Brew: With its dark roast and notes of red cherry and dark chocolate, it creates a bold, flavorful cup that is ideal for French press lovers.

  2. The Wanted Brew: This medium roast, with its subtle fruity notes, offers a lighter, yet flavorful option for those who prefer a bit of brightness in their cup.

  3. The Origin Brew: A perfect balance of sweet honey, cherry, walnut, and floral notes, this blend is suited for those who enjoy a smooth, richly flavored coffee in their French press.

Tips for Brewing with French Press

  • Grind Size: Use a coarse grind to avoid over-extraction and sediment in your cup.

  • Water Temperature: Opt for water just off the boil (around 200°F) to ensure proper extraction.

  • Steeping Time: Let your coffee steep for about 4 minutes before pressing down the plunger for a balanced brew.

  • Proportion: To brew with a standard French press, aim for a coffee-to-water ratio of about 1:15. This means for every gram of coffee, use 15 milliliters of water, adjusting as needed to fit your taste. For instance, with 30 grams of coffee, you should use around 450-500 milliliters of water.

As our camping trip comes to a close and we pack up our tents, it's clear that the right coffee can make a significant difference in our outdoor adventures. Whether you chose the robust Challenger Brew for its hearty flavor, the Wanted Brew for a lighter touch, or the Origin Brew for its smooth taste, each sip added something special to your camping experience. Remember, great coffee isn't just for cozy cafés or your kitchen at home; it's also for those moments when you're surrounded by the beauty of nature.

So, the next time you set out for the great outdoors, make sure to bring along your French press and a bag of BUBS Brew. It’s the perfect way to embrace the simplicity of camping life and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Until your next adventure, keep brewing and exploring with BUBS Naturals.