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blog 10 Ways To Mix Up Your Morning Routine

10 Ways To Mix Up Your Morning Routine

Sean Lake

about 2 years ago

There is nothing more contentious than the morning routine. For those who are not early birds, spending the early hours wide awake and productive can be intimidating. Mornings can be a time to catch more zzzs and ignore the alarm. Pressing snooze may be great, but it actually can disrupt natural body cycles and set yourself up for another sleep cycle when you’re meant to start the day. If you feel disorganized in the morning, it can be time to rethink your routine as a positive start to your day. Even if you have a good routine, a new year can be a time to restructure the normal routine and reflect on what is working and what is not working. Read below to find out some simple and easy changes that can make all the difference in your routine.

Simple Ways to Start for Success

  1. Listen to a podcast: The popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed in recent years, and for good reason. Podcasts can be a great way to learn new information, discover a new passion, or hear from your favorite public personality. Podcasts can be a valuable accessible tool to learn about everything from climbing Everest to how to make a new recipe. The best part: you can listen to a podcast during pretty much any part of your morning routine.

  2. Go for a walk: The birds are singing, the sun is rising, the world is quiet. This can be the perfect time to collect your thoughts and mentally prepare for the day ahead. Being present before the day starts can positively impact your overall attitude towards the day, while also increasing mobility. Walking is easy on the joints and can be as short or long as fits into your schedule.

  3. Eat breakfast: It’s no joke that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The Cleveland Clinic recommends eating at least a few hours within waking up for the day. Along with helping your body’s metabolism, breakfast has proven positive effects that help you for the long run. Adding a consistent healthy breakfast to your morning routine can have lifelong positive effects such as improved heart health, lowering the risk of diabetes, and reducing brain fog to make you as alive and alert as possible each day. (For quick and easy breakfast ideas, try BUBS Naturals blog recipes such as these Dairy-Free Chocolate Chip Collagen Muffins).

  4. Morning Coffee: Coffee lovers, rejoice! Studies show that regular coffee drinking produces a host of benefits such as antioxidants and the lengthening of lifespan, along with your daily caffeine boost. Even better, adding supplements such as BUBS Naturals Collagen can bolster your coffee’s positive effects. MCT powder can bolster your energy and help you be energized for the day.

  5. Drink a Glass of Water: Your coffee’s perfect pairing: a glass of water. Hydration is key to unlocking your body’s benefits. When you wake up in the morning you are already dehydrated from a night of sleep, so having a glass of water can help unlock benefits and keep your energy and mobility up to conquer any challenges thrown your way.

  6. Avoid the phone: As tempting as it is to check your notifications while silencing your alarm, skip the temptation. The endless scroll at the beginning of the day is a distraction away from your primary focus: you. Your phone takes away valuable time that could be used to prepare yourself for the day ahead, whatever your journey. Allowing time to mentally prepare can allow you to be present and practical in mapping out your route to success for the next 24 hours.

  7. Exercise: Afternoon athletes, it may be time for a switch. Exercising in the morning has been linked to better alertness during the day, and improved sleep quality at night. Whether it is a walk around the block or a fifteen-minute strengthening routine, adding a workout to your morning can help unlock the confident and capable individual you are each and every day.

  8. The Billionaire Routine: Positive output requires incredible discipline. The billionaire routine, which sees followers waking up between 4-5 am, is set to increase your productivity in the morning. The formula is easy: cold shower to wake you up, positive, gut-healthy food, and a list of tasks to tackle. Tasks, rather than time, are what billionaires focus on in order to make the most of their day. Putting productivity to the morning, rather than late at night, allows you to free up the rest of the day for other beneficial things such as socializing with friends or creative new hobbies.

  9. Read: Reading really is everywhere, and there are many ways to integrate this practice into your morning routine. Whether it is a news subscription, blog post, or self-improvement book, reading has linked positive effects to mental performance and increased attention span. Taking the time to slow down and intentionally learn how to incorporate positive practices in your daily life is a fantastic step on the journey to being the best you.

  10. Supplement your Morning: However you choose to mix up your routine, anyone can use a boost in the morning hours. BUBS Naturals Collagen is a great way to provide yourself with the energy you need to be the next billionaire or simply finish the book that’s been on your shelf that you swore you would read. Accomplishing your goals is in your reach with the right structure, and no better time to do it than at the start of your day!