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  • Six Things Collagen Does for Your Nutrition

  • Beauty from the inside out with collagen

  • Gut health and collagen - a winning combo

The nutrition facts label for collagen peptides looks a bit different than most. Flip over your bottle of collagen and you will see that there are no fats, carbohydrates, sugars, or fiber. What you will see is protein….and amino acids.

LOTS of amino acids.

Like most nutrients, the best way for your body to receive amino acids is through digestion, making collagen a great source of most of the amino acids your body needs for good nutrition. 

You will also notice that in high-quality collagen peptides, there is only one ingredient: collagen. So what does this one ingredient do, and why is it important for nutrition? Collagen peptides support the body’s ability to build collagen, whether to cushion joints, make skin elastic or even line the gut. 

We notice a difference when we make collagen peptides a key part of our nutrition. Here are six things that collagen protein can do for your nutrition!

1. Collagen unlocks better nutrition by sealing the gut

Nutrients are only as good as your body’s ability to absorb them. Unfortunately for many people, supplements and a healthy diet only go so far, due to the limitations in absorbing nutrients. Much of this has to do with the gut. Many major nutrients are absorbed in the body’s digestive tract, the gut, with much of that absorption happening in the small intestines. Sometimes, due to poor diet or autoimmune issues, the gut leaks, meaning it does not absorb all the valuable nutrients that pass through. It also means that some harmful particles may make it into the bloodstream. 

This is where collagen comes in. Collagen contains glutamine which helps seal and restore the intestinal lining, keeping bad particles out and good particles in.

2. Collagen peptides are highly bioavailable

There are all kinds of products out there that claim to have collagen in them. But collagen can be difficult to absorb, due to its size. This is another reason why BUBS Naturals Collagen Peptides should be added to your diet - collagen peptides have been broken into a size that is highly bioavailable, meaning that the body can absorb them easily and put them to good use!

3. Collagen peptides are an easy way to pack in protein

Collagen peptides are pure protein, with one serving holding roughly 18 grams. Collagen peptides are an easy way to give you a boost of protein at the start of day. However, collagen peptides are not considered a complete protein - they contain 7 out of the 8 amino acids needed to be considered a complete protein. So while they are a great source of protein, they should not be your only source. Make sure you still eat a balanced diet with proteins from a variety of sources including meat, fish, eggs, and even grains such as quinoa. 

4. Collagen peptides have an impressive amino acid profile

Collagen is not a complete protein, but it still has seven of the eight essential amino acids that the body cannot build on its own! 

Amino acids are invaluable in terms of nutrition, since they are the building blocks of protein. Your body uses them for more than just collagen: they make up neurotransmitters, stimulate muscle growth, metabolise fat, regulate energy...the list goes on and on.

Collagen peptides are especially high in glycine, proline and isoproline. These are especially important for stimulating your body’s natural collagen production, but they have other important jobs as well, including fighting off free radicals in the environment around you. 

5. Beauty from the inside

We love how collagen does so much for our bodies that we cannot see...but it’s also amazing that some of these results are visible as well, from shinier, healthier hair to younger-looking skin. Studies have found that a collagen supplement makes skin more elastic, especially in elderly women. Collagen is too big of a molecule to be absorbed through the skin or hair, so while you may see plenty of products for your hair and skin that say they contain collagen, the effects will not last or will be due to other ingredients. The only way your body can absorb it is through digestion, meaning that the best way to get collagen is through nutritional intake. 

6. Collagen allows nutrition and fitness work hand in hand

Nutrition is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, and should go hand-in-hand with exercise. Collagen peptides have been found to support healthy joints and improve recovery time so that you can get back out there! It all comes down to proline and lysine. Proline strengthens tendons and ligaments while lysine stimulates muscle growth. Because our bodies cannot make amino acids such as lysine on their own, supplementation is vital!

Collagen peptides can improve general health and nutrition by providing important amino acids and improving absorption of other nutrients in the gut! There’s no better place to start than with BUBS Naturals Collagen Protein - certified KETO, Whole-30 approved, gluten and dairy free.

Good nutrition comes down to variety and balance, but sometimes we still may come up short. A good collagen protein helps fill those gaps, giving your body many of the amino acids it needs to encourage healthy functionality and continual wellness. With these building blocks, your body will have what it needs to lay a solid foundation for all-around nutrition.


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