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Kara Lazauskas

Kara Lazauskas

Adventure Runners

Kara (28yrs old, nickname “Killer”) is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and M.S. in Molecular Muscle Exercise Physiology with a background in sports performance. Born and raised in a wrestling household in the middle of New Jersey, she became accustomed to the rule of “work hard, play hard” in both academics and athletics. Her interest in the human body started at a young age when at the age of 3, lost her left lung to a rare post-inflammatory tumor. After years of development she was granted the opportunity to play college basketball where 4 ACL reconstructions ended her career. This is where her story really began in the search to understand why her physiology had failed her despite all the rehabilitation. She began training again and identifying where sports and the realities of life could be optimized. With the completion of Sealfit's Academy and Kokoro 34, she found her purpose in muscle physiology as an athlete and coach. At California State University-Fullerton completing the first ever study on the fiber-type molecular responses to HIIT in both male and female elite athletes. Kara trains multiple extreme sports athletes, military special operators, and clientele around the world. Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA her purpose is still rooted to push her performance to better serve others as she also competes in mixed martial arts and weightlifting events. Recently becoming a Titan on NBC's The Titan Games with The Rock Johnson as well.


Live for yourself, die with yourself. Live for others, live beyond your death