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Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones

Professional Snowboarder

Jeremy Jones is a legend in snowboarding. He’s been a professional rider for over twenty years and remains an icon and influencer. He is best known for his style and moving the needle in both street riding and freestyle snowboarding. He has influenced snowboarding for more than two decades and continues to do so.


I’m 43 years old, broken enough times I’m over counting. 2.5 years ago I got way shook up, wrapping myself around a tree in an avalanche and shattering both my legs. I have struggled hard with rehab, experimenting with anything and everything to work through pain and get gains to hold for some notion of time. I started on BUBS 3.5 months ago and after 5 weeks I started to feel different. Big changes in the movement in my ankle joints, the pain has gone way down surrounding the breaks in the Tibia and Fibula. I now travel with it and have not missed a day of BUBS now for nearly 4 months. This works man! I'm sticking with it.