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Mix Wand

Electric Frother | Free Bonus (1)

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GENIUS DESIGN:  Well, we certainly think so.  The smooth design fits easily into your hand and the on / off switch is right there ready to work for you.  It turns on and off with no need to keep your finger on the action.  Now that’s genius! 
EASY TO USE:  With just the flick of your finger you can fire up your BUBS Mix Wand and dip it into your MCT and Collagen beverage of choice (hot or cold). Plunge your BUBS wand up and down (you get the picture) until you’ve mixed and frothed your way to creamy delight.  
CLEANS EASY:  Food grade stainless steel makes your BUBS mix wand easy to clean under fresh running water.  That means more time to enjoy that beverage!
BATTERY OPERATED:  This mix wand is powered by 2 AA batteries.  Make your BUBS MCT and Collagen coffee with ease wherever your travels take you.  BUBS fits perfectly into your daily routine.  

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