Why MCT is so great, and how you can benefit from it too.

Why MCT is so great

and how you can benefit from it too.

Fast-Acting Clean Energy

MCT Oil Powder is a perfectly balanced mix of  fatty acids, that your body converts immediately to clean burning energy.

Increased Mental Focus

Because our brains are incapable of storing fuel, they require a constant supply of energy to maintain peak performance. The ketones from the C-08 in BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder are capable of quickly moving past the blood-brain barrier to efficiently feed and fuel your brain.

Helps Curb Appetite and Cravings

Simply put, the fats in BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder help you feel fuller, longer. And because your body can convert MCT Oil into an instant source of energy — without the blood sugar or insulin spike you would get from sugar.

"I’ve finally broken up with half-and-half thanks to the MCT Oil Powder! Tastes great in my coffee and adds the creaminess I need to still love my favorite drink."

Jessica C

"This was my first attempt at adding an MCT oil to my coffee. Did some research and continually saw BUB’s getting good reviews. It has not disappointed. Mixes easy, does not drastically alter the taste. Can tell the difference in how I feel throughout the morning. Love it!!"

Shane S

"The best MCT powder on the marketplace. 5 stars!"

Aimee S.

Simplicity, meet


    BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder, is a powerful ketogenic oil — meaning that it is scientifically proven to transform into ketones almost as soon as it is consumed, for a clean burst of energy and increased mental clarity.

No Oily Mess

    To make it into a powder, the MCT oil is absorbed into high-quality non-GMO tapioca starch, and then spray-dried. BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder is an ultralight, free-flowing oil powder that is soluble in both hot or cold liquids and can easily be incorporated into baked goods. In addition to improved portability, MCT Oil Powder is also gentler on the digestive system than MCT Oil, and can easily be combined with BUBS’ Collagen Peptides for a powerful one-two punch.

Improved Gut Health

    The gut’s ecosystem is a complex community of good bacteria and bad bacteria. The good bacteria helps keep things moving and optimizes the absorption of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, while the bad bacteria can cause sugar cravings, food intolerances, a sluggish metabolism, inflammation, sleep disturbances, and a general feeling of yuck. The antibacterial properties of the C-10 Capric Acid in BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder can help combat harmful bacteria and yeast, like candida, in your gut —without the side effects of antibiotics— all while helping the good bacteria thrive. Simply put, C-10 boosts your immune system and keeps your GI tract happy.

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