Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. But naturally, with age, the body’s production of collagen slows down. Collagen’s essential benefit is promoting health and healing from the inside out. *Scientifically speaking, the amino acid glycine found in collagen supports metabolic functions. *The proteins and amino acids in BUBS’ collagen help strengthen skin, promote increased elasticity, and benefit smoothness while supporting healthy hair and nails. *Studies show that collagen is critical to the support and reconstruction of joints (cartilage / synovial fluids) and is indispensable if used as a recovery tool in regenerating muscles after exercise.

BUBS is committed to quality, simplicity, and self improvement.

Our collagen is truly unflavored, exceedingly soluble and bio available. BUBS is easy to blend into hot or cold beverages, to cook with, and to compliment your active lifestyle.

Helps Improve Digestive Health & The Ol' Gi Tract.
BUBS collagen restores your intestinal lining by sealing it with the amino acid, glutamine, to prevent toxins and other partially digested particles from escaping and entering your bloodstream. Collagen is extremely beneficial to people dealing with gastrointestinal inflammation and autoimmune disorders.

Strengthen & Support Hair, Skin, & Nails.
As our bodies age past 25, they naturally slow down collagen and elastin production. This affects the smoothness of your skin and slows down hair and nail growth. By utilizing the amino acids glycine and proline in BUBS collagen peptides we’re able to restore and hydrate your skin by aiding your bodies production of its own collagen and elastin. Regularly supplementing these two aminos will increase your skin elasticity and smoothness, reduces wrinkles, and boost hair and nail growth.

Aids In Amazing Joint Health. Lubricates Those Bearings.
The glycine amino in BUBS collagen peptides increases synovial fluid production which is proven to lubricate your joints which increases mobility. But BUBS doesn’t stop there. With continued daily use, alongside endurance and strength training, joint improvements continue to build so that your body can resist natural wear and tear over time.

Promotes Shortened Recovery Period So You Can Get After It, Again.
You can get back to activity faster with the proline and lysine in BUBS’ amino profile. The proline in our collagen aids in your athletic recovery by strengthening your tendons and ligaments (connective tissue) which increases your muscle strength and lean body mass. Lysine naturally has a higher nitrogen content than whey or other types of protein. This helps maintain a positive nitrogen balance within the body to aid in muscular growth after periods of intense muscle exertion.

We believe that a great product begins with a
commitment to excellence, long before BUBS lands on your doorstep.
We use only sustainably sourced, grass fed, pasture raised peptides.

Why pasture-raised & grass-fed?

Again, happy cows make for happy collagen. Cows are meant to be out in the pasture, eating grass, and having a good time. That said, our cows may get some feed as they transition off of the pasture or during times of extreme drought.

The liver needs attention too!

The liver needs an abundance of these amino acids to keep functioning at a high level, particularly to fuel detoxification which has the benefit of
reducing inflammation. BUBS helps maintain a healthy liver so it can do its
job; much like Belichick.

Why unflavored?

Less is more (ingredients that is). Our collagen protein is designed to be a great add-on to your beverages and recipes. Why pigeonhole it with a flavor? Unflavored allows you to take our collagen however you want to.

BUBS is ready to go,
and immediately bioavailable.

It is easily digested and absorbed into the body. Which brings us to solubility. BUBS dissolves in hot or cold beverages, smoothies, etc. Recipes abound
that include our collagen peptides as well. A great collagen is one that
blends right on into your lifestyle.