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Kale Swing - Bring That Quality

Sean Lake

10 months ago

Though not everyone will question where their food comes from, there is a growing community of individuals who are paying close attention. While many different trends about what is good to eat and what is right to eat may dismiss certain foods on principle, there is an undeniable reality that quality food is best. Kale Swing of the KC Cattle Company understands the importance of a quality product, and even more so quality food. As part of a company that leads with the world's best-selling hotdogs, they have made a mark in the industry of meat. Kale, as a part of the company, has learned much and has come to realize the value of quality.

From Land to Sea to Meat

On the list of things that the Kansas and Missouri area has been known for, barbecue is high on the list. “That’s been a staple of my diet since an early age,” explains Kale in an interview with BUBS Naturals. “BBQ is a big part of the culture out here.” He can recall frequently going to restaurants and enjoying good meat with his parents growing up. It almost seems too fitting that his life should take a direction toward the industry. Before he was introduced to anything in the world of cattle, however, Kale had developed an interest in diving. Having spent his earlier years far from the ocean, something different and new appealed to him. “As soon as I learned to read I was obsessed with the ocean,” explains Kale, reflecting on how the books he would read were his introduction to the vast waters. In addition to that, his dad was a diver, and so naturally he wished to follow in his footsteps and went to professional diving school. However, he felt the need for something more, so he decided to join the military. He never did any diving in the Navy, which was something he had sort of envisioned for himself, however, the Navy gave him much more. “A lot of the skills I gained from the Navy are things that turned into other leadership skills and workplace skills.” He has good memories of his time in the Navy. “I don’t regret a second,” he explains. “I enjoyed every single minute.” A handful of the guys on the boat crew decided that after their time in the military they would want to be connected and so it became a sort of annual thing for them. Through this, Kale was put in touch with Patrick who had started the KC Cattle Company in 2016-2017 operating just near him in Kansas City. After inquiring about Patrick’s product, there was nothing more than the simple desire to support a local business and fellow veteran. “It was absolutely fantastic,” explains Kale. “It completely changed our thought processes on the steaks we were willing to eat and where we were willing to get it from.” Little did he know he would become involved with the company in a way he never thought.

Maintaining the Culture

“At the time I was doing Law enforcement…S.W.A.T. down in Kansas City,” explains Kale. With the KC Cattle Company becoming something he was personally invested in, purely for the benefit of the company, he made sure people knew about it. “I started to incorporate it as something to purchase for a bunch of guys on S.W.A.T. Team.” Kale had a genuine care for the company’s success, loving the product and the story. It was not until he had gone to the location for something as simple as a chat that he found out that the KC Cattle Company’s hot dogs had been named the best in the world. This resulted in the company having an overwhelming number of orders for hot dogs and the realization that they needed more people to get orders out. As a result, Kale got his start with the company, and still worked in law enforcement, as he had no intention to uproot where he was at in life but had a desire to help. His efforts were not in vain as the company became a huge part of his life in many ways, part of which was the community. “We have been able to mimic a culture similar to what we experienced in the military,” he explains. This made the work feel so much more complete and only benefited the company by having a structure to it that was familiar to all these veterans who became a part of the company. With business booming, maintaining that culture only served to improve their efficiency.

More than Just a Product

Kale and the KC Cattle Company (voted best hot dogs in the world, FYI) recognize the value of their work and why their business serves as more than just a system providing a product. “Food is morale,” explains Kale, as it can take the worst day and make it easier to push through, all while nourishing your body. He believes there is an undeniable value in quality. “It’s important that we continue to bring that quality,” says Kale. “Every single cut that we sell, we inspect, and if it doesn't meet our criteria, our standards, we don’t sell it.”