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Clint Emerson and The Rugged Life

Sean Lake

10 months ago

Suppose there was a sudden crash in our society, or perhaps even in your personal life where certain aspects of how you live life are not accessible. Maybe the demands of your bills are too great to keep up with. Or maybe there is something more drastic resulting in you needing to grow your own feed. It’s even likely the lifestyle you want to live closely mimics that of a sort of “off-grid” approach. Whatever the situation may be, there is a demand to talk about a lot of what you don’t know in order to not just live, but survive. While one can make a quick internet search for just about anything, it is helpful to have what we could describe as “the basics” all in one place. This is why Clint Emerson wrote his books each titling “100 Deadly Skills” serving as guides for survival, getting through dangerous situations, and combat. While it may seem so simple to anyone to come up with such an idea, Clint Emerson actually did it and now we get to reap the rewards of his labor!

Realizing the Need

It goes without saying we are somewhat spoiled in modern-day society. We have the luxury of having immediate access to so much and really the life we get to live in general could be qualified as luxurious to those who live much more simply. However, this life that we have become so familiar with has had some unforeseen effects. As Clint puts it in an interview with BUBS Naturals, “People lack so many skills.” In a sense, we have been drastically dumbed down. Clint Emerson saw how this put us at a disadvantage and so he took both his own knowledge accumulated as a retired Navy SEAL and that of knowledgeable others and formed his “100 Deadly Skills” books. Clint himself has decided to live his life in a very specific way and admires the self-sufficiency of those who choose to live off the grid and take on the homestead life. However, living such a way is not as easy as we would hope, whether you are born into it or are transitioning from a modern way of life. With that in mind, Clint structured his books in such a way to be for anyone, at any place in life. In some cases, for a global crisis, and in other instances for ways in which to improve your life or make your dollar stretch further.

So Much to Learn

Clint is a retired Navy SEAL, and now published author, and with that comes a lot of knowledge about many different things. However, Clint admits that despite much of the knowledge he had on his own, there was still plenty he had to learn for himself. In his books, Clint mentions utilizing the knowledge and skills of experts and those familiar with the different ways of doing things. This was his approach to obtaining much of the knowledge himself, and in truth what better way is there to learn than from the experts? On the list of people he spent time learning from, Clint believes that those homesteading and roughing it in nature were by far among the most creative and knowledgeable. “There was more to learn than I could ever possibly put in a book,” he explains. People who homestead utilize their resources in such innovative ways and with every ounce of efficiency one could muster. In fact, with the vast sum of knowledge he obtained, he had to minimize in an effort to not lose the interest of many readers - though many have come to find homestead life fascinating. Such things as collecting rainwater with the use of varied systems only, having the knowledge of taking care of animals, and being familiar with basic gardening all contribute to the collection of information and skills Clint is now providing to his readers - in a simple and interesting way.

Some Things to Take Away

Through all his experience and skill obtained through his research, Clint feels confident that the best piece of knowledge one can have and takeaway to hone is “…understanding and being aware of the geographical location of where you live.” The climate of your area will determine so much of how you have to shape your life. Seasonally there will be differences, and the inconsistencies you have to cope with will vary. However, Clint believes it can be done almost anywhere. It goes without saying that you need to be prepared to research a ton and fail even more before you are able to successfully utilize the resources around you. It’s a learning process and an uncomfortable transition. Clint’s book is not just for those seeking to homestead, however. It is a collection of “skills that are easily digestible” many of which can be utilized by anyone at any place in life. It gives you backup plans and options, and in a much more broad sense, expands your mind to think outside of what you know. It seems we are almost in a time where we are needing to expand a bit more, and cope with the various demands of life, while still finding fulfillment. People are rushing to find the life that suits them, and are always eager to seek out more things to learn. If you can start honing skills of your own, making you a more efficient and independent individual, then you will find you are cut out for the rugged life, and with that, are capable of more than you know.