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Ideas for Fitness Destinations

TJ Ferrara

12 months ago

With summer here and the kids out of school for summer, we can’t help but start dreaming of where we are going to travel next. We are especially excited to travel with health in mind, exploring new ways to get active as we discover new places. If you spend any time online, it’s easy to see the wellness industry is booming, so it’s no surprise that the travel industry has been impacted as well. This is especially true as people are finally venturing out post-lockdown. People are looking for ways to maintain their sense of mental and physical well-being, even while traveling. When you think of wellness, fitness, and travel, your mind may conjure images of days in the spa or expensive retreats. If that’s not quite your thing, here are some ideas for travel destinations where making your health a priority is no problem.

Get out there in our National Parks

The US is fortunate to have an expensive network of national parks with ample opportunities for fitness freaks and nature lovers alike to have a great time. Purchasing a national parks pass opens up a world of destinations from the sandy seashore of the gulf islands to mountain ranges and lakes.

Go Beyond the Lights in Las Vegas, Nevada

We know–Sin City is not usually associated with habits that lead to health. But hear us out. Once you get past the hustle and bustle of the city, you will find a world of exercise and activity. Las Vegas is situated perfectly between countless National Parks and trails. Kayak on the Colorado River, tackle Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park, or climb local peaks. There are also plenty of unique fitness classes in Las Vegas, from anti-gravity yoga to trampoline training.

Find your balance in Denver, Colorado

Love yoga but not ready to head far out East? Denver is a North American yoga hotspot, with highly rated studios in every part of the city. Even as a visitor, you will find countless classes, retreats, and even outdoor public sessions to help you find your balance. One experience popular among music lovers and yogis alike is Yoga on the Rocks at Red Rock Amphitheater. Denver is also in the heart of the rocky mountains, offering hiking in the summer and skiing and snowboarding in the winter and spring.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is one of the East Coast’s most popular mountain towns, and with good reason. Asheville is home to a thriving arts community and countless restaurants and breweries. It is also a total haven for adventure lovers with trails, waterfalls, hot springs, and river rapids within a short driving distance. It is also home to great cycling routes so you can catch a ride and great views.

Hey there Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is tucked away in the desert, but don’t let that keep you from this oasis. Here, there is something for everyone. There are over 400 trails to hike and bike, gorgeous golf courses, wetlands to get lost in, and plenty of opportunities for yoga. Sedona is also a great place to rest and recoup in its many spas, massage therapy, and meditation centers.

Try different temperatures in Iceland

Have you considered temperature as part of your therapy? If you are ready to play with hot cold’s effects on the body, Iceland may be a destination for you. Iceland is known for its hot springs which attract thousands of visitors each year. But Iceland has more than just springs: it is also home to cold lakes and pools. Cold water immersion therapy is taking a bath in icy cold temperatures for 10 to 15 minutes after intense working out and has been popularized by Wim Hof, also known as the IceMan. Bathing in cold water is more than just a cool fitness trend: locals in Scandinavian countries have been doing this for hundreds of years. Hitting Iceland's ice baths will make you a local.

Discover the Blue Zones

We at BUBS Naturals have an expression: Die young, as late as possible. Longevity is about more than just staying alive: we want to live active, full lives. Perhaps no one does this better than people living in the world’s Blue Zones. Blue Zones are areas that have higher than normal amounts of centenarians, or people over the age of 100. But Blue Zone residents do more than just live long, they really do live well. A lot of this is attributed to their diets, which are often rich in healthy fats such as fish and olive oil, and their strong sense of community. The original Blue Zones are:

  • Loma Linda, California

  • Sardinia, Italy

  • Icaria, Greece

  • Nicoya, Costa Rica

  • Okinawa, Japan

Not only are these destinations known for their way of life, but they are also beautiful in nature and culture, making them great spots to vacation.

Die young, as late as possible with BUBS

Wellness lovers and fitness experts have a variety of priorities when planning a vacation based on fitness, and you can too. Think about what you enjoy and then branch out to those activities you’ve always wanted to try. But whatever you do, we are here for your journey. Check out our line of naturally sourced collagen peptides that support young healthy skin, joints, and bones, even into old age.