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blog 6 Workouts for Fans of CrossFit

6 Workouts for Fans of CrossFit

TJ Ferrara

over 1 year ago

CrossFit is a widely popular exercise phenomenon due to its holistic approach to fitness. Encompassing nutrition, high-intensity exercise, and community, CrossFit is widely popular because it challenges participants in all aspects of their fitness goals, while also tailoring it to each person's fitness level and experience. It pushes people to their highest potential while building a community based on perseverance. Encouraging people at their best while also fostering a growth mindset is a great mode of exercise - and it doesn’t just have to stop at CrossFit. Today we tackle workouts that provide the same challenge and camaraderie as CrossFit, with benefits to support a healthy mind and body and discover your why.


Everyone loves to compete. Here’s how you can take CrossFit outside the gym. Festivus Games: One competition that channels the all-are-welcome mentality are the Festivus Games. Founded in 2011, these games have similar components to CrossFit and welcome athletes of all ability ranges. Whether a beginner or long-time fitness fanatic, Festivus games were instituted to provide competition for all. There are three categories: novice, intermediate, and even a masters level for functional fitness. The games happen twice a year, and incorporate CrossFit, rowing, running, and more functional fitness. For those looking to participate in a competition that targets fans of CrossFit, this can be a viable option!


We get it! Socialization is great for supporting overall physical and mental health. Here are other options when exercising with companions:


A foundational aspect of Crossfit is the community component. People push themselves at their best while working out with those around them, creating a sense of community and accountability absent from solo workout ventures. For those who crave the community (socialization is great for health!) OrangeTheory may be something to try. OrangeTheory is a mix of HIIT workouts and cardio, tailored to a person’s individualized heart rate and level of fitness. OrangeTheory places members in ’zones,’ which allows anyone to get the maximum benefit from each fitness session. For those who seek the high intensity, but want more tailored workout regimes, OrangeTheory may be the place.


CrossFit contains a combination of strength and mobility training. If you are not ready to join a CrossFit team but want to get in a CrossFit-style workout, consider these training methods.

HIIT Workouts:

Much like the high intensity of CrossFit, HIIT workouts provide the intensity that fans of CrossFit seek. HIIT is a combination of high-intensity workouts with rest periods that enable heart rate to work at 80% capacity. HIIT workouts can be utilized with any form of cardio, whether running, rowing, stair-stepping, or biking. The idea is to perform at high-intensity for a period of time, which builds endurance and promotes aerobic stamina. An example of such a workout is the popularized 4x4 workout which originated in Norway. If performed with running, for example, the athlete would warm up for ten minutes, then perform four high intervals with three-minute recovery periods between each set. This guarantees maximum aerobic effort while minimizing overall strain on your body’s functionality. HIIT workouts are great as it follows the same intensity and self-discipline CrossFit requires. Fans of CrossFit can utilize this for their cardio routine.

Circuit Training:

Along a similar strain as HIIT workouts, circuit training refers to a form of exercise where 6-12 exercises are completed with short rest periods in between. This workout method is known to increase aerobic capability along with strength and endurance. Most circuit routines include 30 seconds of work, with 30 seconds of rest following each exercise. This allows for constant movement, and the working of different muscles, and avoids overexertion. Much like CrossFit, circuit training can be performed in a group, and with the high intensity, can provide proper motivation. The other benefit of circuit training is that it can include as much or as little equipment as you want, leaving it open to be completed anywhere, at any time. Typical circuit training includes weights to incorporate strength training, however, bodyweight circuit training provides similar positive effects. A bodyweight circuit may include exercises such as side planks, jumping squats, V sits, high knees, lateral skates, box jumps, and more in one circuit routine. Each full rotation of each exercise is considered one ‘circuit.’ For those who enjoy discipline and

Strength Training:

Any exercise routine should include some form of strength training. CrossFit naturally includes a form of strength training that builds muscle and keeps the body fit. However, as it is a community effort, so you may find you do not have as much freedom to test your limits or recover when following a group. For individualized strength training, using a traditional weightlifting program may be the best option. No matter what, making sure to incorporate strength with cardio is a great way to bolster fitness.


Sometimes our bodies need a break from high-impact exercise. Whether after a sports injury or burnout, it is important to listen to what your body can handle and to respond appropriately to stay in the game. There is a misconception that low-impact means low-effort, when really it means the opposite. Low-impact workouts protect the joints that are most likely to suffer due to overexertion. They focus specifically on strength and developing muscle while minimizing the harmful effects of high-impact exercise such as CrossFit. Yoga, in particular, stands out as a great option due to its strengthening effects and promotion of mental health. Yoga has scientific benefits such as regulating the central nervous system while also developing stamina. For those who desire the strength benefits of CrossFit without the high-impact - yoga is a strong possibility.

Bottom Line

No matter where you extend beyond your CrossFit journey, finding ways to work out that bolster community, strength, and physical and mental health are victories no matter where you are in your fitness journey. Whether at peak performance or recovering from an injury, the discipline and drive needed to be successful can be aided by the community. From your local gym to the competition to the studio, let us here at BUBS Naturals be part of that community by taking our natural, mobility-enhancing collagen protein powder wherever you go. As no strangers to the fitness community, we strive to meet you where you are, and help empower you with our natural, energy-boosting collagen to support growth and strength every step of the way.